Friday, 29 November 2013

I did it

Just what I didn´t want to do and had voiced to one and all that I wasn´t going to do, and certainly wouldn´t do until at least next year.  It happened yesterday afternoon when I was walking home at a moderate pace due to the cold weather with absolutely no intention of stopping or looking in the window or even glancing in the direction of our local patchwork shop.  However, as I got nearer, my legs took on a will completely of their own, slackening their velocity until on reaching the shop I was practically dawdling and as chance would have it, at that very precise moment someone chose to emerge from the shop, leaving the door ajar and I was inescapably suctioned inside.
Considering that I spent nearly an hour contemplating and scrutinizing all the new goodies, I left with only four itzy bitzy pieces of fabric enough to make a couple of Christmas place mats.  However I must finish my table runner first.
Here is another heart I made this year, very different from the ones of my last post.

This embroidery is a  pattern by Atalie called  `Gaelle´. .

I backed the heart with red velvet and added a pearl to the cording. 

A month blogging

I started this blog almost a month ago and I would just like to thank the visitors I´ve had passing by and for the kind comments made.  I hope you will visit again soon. 


  1. Very beautiful heart.The design is so pretty.

  2. A patchwork shop right where you live? I clearly chose the wrong area of Spain in which to settle.
    Another beautiful heart. You're on a roll with your crafting :)

  3. como se nota que te gusta coser, tienes una imaginacion, para realizar trabajos que a una la dejas perpleja, me quedo sin palabras y mira que yo soy de hablar, me encanta. el detalle de las perlas le da un toque especial. un saludo y sigue asi sorprendiendonos todos los dias. un saludo elena

  4. Hi Sheryl- I just found your blog today and am a follower now! Looking forward to seeing your stitching in the new year!

    1. Hi Teresa, thank you for your visit and kind comments about the table runner. Happy Christmas


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