Friday 31 August 2018

Tote Bag

Hi everyone,

As I was glancing through a magazine last week I came upon a pretty tote bag which I thought I might make as I had very similar fabric in my stash and I liked it just as it was.  You can be sure that if I changed the colour or fabric then I probaby wouldn´t like the end result.

The picture from the magazine

I started out sewing the pocket, adding lace, ribbon trim, buttons and a small applique heart to the beige linen fabric.  The magazine didn´t mention lining the pocket but I did, with the same linen.

I also made the bag a shade smaller and lined it with a flowery fabric which in the end I had to buy because what I had chosen from my stash wasn´t large enough even with my change to the measurements.

A couple of ornaments to add some interest and inevitably get caught up on everything.

I like the end result and reckon I shall be making more of these.

By the way, if anyone remembers The Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade linky party and would like Ida to continue this year, please let her know at mysismademe. blogspot.

Until next week.

Thursday 16 August 2018

Summer Days

Hello Blogger friends,

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful summer and managing to get some stitching done while lazing about in the garden, that of course if you are in the northern hemisphere.

Last month I took a bag packed with good intentions to my mother in law´s house, including fabric, all my floss colours and several needlework magazines for inspiration.  I´m working my way through stacks of needlework magazines from 2009 which I discovered at a nearby public library.

I had decided to cover a sad dark wrought iron clock surround with something interesting and thought the design `Wild Flowers´ by Kazuko Aoki might be perfect.

Well perhaps not so perfect because I was going to have to juggle about with the pattern to make it fit on the clock face and buying a higher count fabric and so make the design smaller, wasn´t an option when spending a couple of weeks in a tiny mountain village.

Whilst enjoying the company of my three grandchildren I endeavoured to do some stitching in the evenings squinting and peering under the beam of pretty tiffany table lamps !  I made loads of mistakes and one day my daughter commented that she thought the design too light and airy for the dark heavy frame -  now she has a point.

So now I am in doubt as to whether leave the clock as it is or maybe paint the surround in a lighter colour.  I´m tempted to redo the design  making it smaller so it fits properly.

Sorry if I haven´t been visiting and commenting recently due to having been away but I hope to see what everyone has been doing and catch up on comments sometime this week.
Until then.

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