Monday 20 November 2017

More crochet

Hello Blogger buddies,

Hunting through the linen cupboard as I sometimes do, I came upon a little crochet mat that I don´t think I have included in this online journal of my needlework.

I made this years and years ago when I grew interested in learning crochet and made quite a few doilies and similar until they proliferated in the house and my enthusiasm swung to making crochet edgings for sheets and pillowcases.

I had a hunt through my old needlework magazines incase I could find the pattern and give a reference for this easy beginners pattern, but I had no luck.

Having read that DMC had released new floss colours, I popped off to my nearest needlework shop to investigate and although I didn´t buy any of the new colours, the young lady generously gave me the companioning embroidery booklet containing exclusive pattern charts from international designers, and also some little cross stitch patterns and the empty tin. All very useful, thank you Daiser.

Must get some Christmas stitching done.  Until next week.


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