Thursday 21 January 2021

Gifted Gorgeousness


Hello Stitching Friends,

My first Gifted Gorgeousness post for 2021. This SAL is hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching and involves  showing something stitch related that we have received or have made to be gifted. We can check-in from the 15th until the end of each month. More information clicking here.

I´m joining the group today, with two stitched designs which I have finished this month and hopefully one of them will don the front of a cookery book cover I want to make for my granddaughter.

I stitched this pattern first.  It is called Dame au Gâteau by La Sylphide Toquee ,  It looked a bit pale, so I added some outlining but I think  the design will be too big for the size of the cover I have in mind.

because I want to mix and match the pattern with  an assortment of purple and scarlet fabrics.

I found another little pattern  suitable for a cookery book which I had half completed  some time back and I just finished it off adding  the same pile of little cakes from the first design and the overall size is better , so I will use this embroidery for the book cover.

I have also been knitting a few little jackets for some dolls which a friend of mine makes.  The pattern is one of J. Barrett´s  which I used years ago to make Barbie´s clothes for my granddaughter.              

I haven´t added the buttons as my friend will choose those.



Thank you for stopping by and looking.

Thursday 7 January 2021

Something Warm

 Hello and a very  Happy New Year to Everyone,

I thought twice about getting up this morning as my phone showed - 4º C, so I had a lazy cuppa while watching the news and only decided to get up when the sun started to enter my windows an hour later.

It´s been very cold lately and I had to find my lap rugs. I found one that I had knitted for my mum-in-law years ago and when she passed away, it was returned to me and I don´t think I ever showed it on my blog.

I wanted to use up some wool stash at the time and just knitted small squares in a variety of different stitches, some fancier than others.

I knitted two blankets at the same time, one mainly blue with a couple of pinky squares and the other all greens and beiges for myself, both with different but very simple crochet edgings.


Maybe it´s time I made some different lap rugs something a bit more ambitous

I always enjoy knitting or doing some crochet in winter and my wool stash seems as large as ever… how could that be?

Thank you for stopping by.


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