Friday, 22 November 2013

Rain, rain go away

After five or six days of rain, rain and more rain, the sun timidly made a brief appearance yesterday afternoon and I ventured to visit one of my best buddies, Marie.   I told her about my new adventure in blogland and she made a quick perusal of my blog.
Marie keeps me sane and makes me laugh.  I laughed all the way home one day when, while at her house I asked her for some pins.  She´s not a sewing enthusiast and after rummaging through drawers, opening tins, and peering into boxes and containers, she produced a total of four pins, one blunt, two rusty and one bent.  I´m going to buy her some pins and make her a pin keep one day.

Here are some photos of a tissue holder house that I made Marie on her request a couple of years ago.  The petition wasn´t so easy because the item was for her brown and beige bathroom and she only wanted those colours.

I added a lot of silver beads and sequins because I liked the contrast with the browns. Here are a few close ups.

  Decorated window boxes 

Apart from her image peering from behind the curtains of one window, I think she liked the end result.

I´m making a table runner and some ornaments so I found these Christmas fabrics and cut out a few  hearts for the ornaments.

Then I embroidered a few tiny designs and the next step will be to mix and match.

Which I hope to show in my next post.
  Thank you for visiting.




  1. aprovecho este huequin, para felicitarte, y animarte mucho, para que nos deleites, con esas maravillosas manualidades

  2. The little house tissue holder is unique and fun.
    Lovely start on the table runner. I shall look forward to seeing it finished.

  3. Returning the visit...loved this post! Good luck in the give-away! I'm a new GFC follower!! :)

  4. Really love the house. Your grandchildren loved the tree skirt!
    REmember that Avent calendar you also made? have to post it.

  5. la casita es maravillosa, todos los detalles, tienes mucha imaginación.Me encantan tus trabajos, Marie

  6. ¿Dónde aprendiste a coser así? .Son trabajos verdaderamenta artesanales.Estás capacitada para dar clases de costura.
    Mis felicitaciones

  7. me interesaría saber si estos trabajos se pueden adquirir precio ya que me interesan mucho tus trabajos.

  8. Hi Sheryl, I love your tissue holder, just brilliant! Barbara xx


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