Saturday 24 January 2015

Grow Your Blog Party

Hello and welcome to all who find themselves here today, whether a usual visitor or having stopped by for the first time via The Grow Your Blog party which starts today.

This exciting event is organized by Vicki at 2 Bags Full and is a wonderful opportunity to discover new blogs and meet new friends.

I´m Sheryl, English and living in the North of Spain.  I started this blogging adventure just over a year ago as a means of keeping a record of my needlework and since then I have met many worldwide talented friends, so I hope to meet more through this party.  My other hobbies are genealogy, gardening and reading.

Do have a quick look around while you are here and if you like what you see, maybe become a follower.  I love embroidery and applique.

Both these favourite pouches, one a glasses case and one a phone case, took quite a while to make, just embroidering each face took a whole evening, but I am pleased with the result.

I like to include hardanger in some small designs.

or maybe black or redwork.

I also enjoy crochet.

I haven´t done a lot of quilting lately and my `never-ending´ quilt is still without borders and backing. Here it is, really should finish it - perhaps this year.

but I did finish this red quilt (looks pink in the photo) for my mum in law last year.

and knitted  her this little scarf for Christmas.

 Thank you for having stopped by and if you would like to leave a comment on this post, I´ll enter your name in my giveaway which is this little jewellery bag.

Anyone can enter, you don´t have to have a blog or become a follower, all may enter.  One winner will be announced here on this blog on the 15th FEBRUARY.  ( GIVEAWAY  NOW  CLOSED)

Well I hope you have fun with this blog hop and will return here again soon.  If you click on the above link it will take you to Vicki´s blog and the list of all the other participants.

Have fun, I´m off to visit too.


Thursday 15 January 2015

All aboard

As children usually like trains and animals, when my youngest grandson was born, I made him a quillow, that is, a blanket/quilt which folds up into a pocket to form a pillow, making it very easy for mum to carry when out and about with junior and his 101 imperative necessities.

I tried to add a bit of animal fun to the applique letters that spell out the name `Fernando´ on the pillow pocket which is sewn on the reverse side of the blanket.

I used bright happy colours for all the wagons

and filled them with an assorted mixture of furry friends.

Just love this blanket and wish I had quilted it properly, I can´t do it now due to the pocket on the reverse side.

Next Sunday the 25th I will be participating in the Grow Your Blog event hosted by Vicki at 2 Bags Full, so I hope you will join in the fun and stop by.
See you then.


Thursday 8 January 2015

Have a pin

Hello and a very Happy New Year to all who read this post. Yesterday I rescued my faithful Husqvarna from its temporary Xmas imprisonment in the dark depths of my wardrobe, and returned it to its habitual prominent abode on the dining room table and with one of my New Year´s resolutions firmly in mind, I cautiously opened the Dreaded Drawer (holding UFOs) and quickly snapped up a piece of work before the other protesting occupants could threateningly spill out and demand attention.

Happily sewing away, I mindlessly reached for a pin.....a pin! .....yes, do have a pin Sheryl..... if you can find one that is.   There must be a grand total of 15 or 20 in my little box, all elusively evading being summoned, quite understandably when you see what is in my little pin box....... had to take a photo....all but pins, a lot of assorted small paraphernalia that gets picked up and saved.  Does anyone else do this and have an overcrowded pin box?   I have two other immaculate tins, holding normal and fancy pins, and a couple of pin cushions, but I like these little quilting ones although they insist of disappearing at the first opportunity.

Here is a little crochet mat from the magazine Labores.

Years ago I made quite a few mats as gifts and this one was a small easy design which my daughter liked and kept. 

I didn´t include the eight tiny loops around the outer edges, didn´t like them.

Vicki at 2bagsfull is hosting the Grow Your Blog party again this year, so if you wish to grow your blog and want to know more about this exciting event, you still have time to sign up before the 17th January.  The party will start on the 25th.

Linking this post to The Enchanting Rose 
Until next week,


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