Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Have a heart

Seems like it´s been raining forever.  Amazing how grey rainy days affect your mood.  As soon as you wake up, draw back the curtains and observe that it still appears to be midnight outside, with the streets glistening from the falling rain in the reflection of the street lights, you immediately forget that joie de vivre spring you had in your step during the summer months and start shuffling around the house in your slippers.
  At least these dismal days have helped me advance with my Christmas sewing and I´ve made good progress with my table runner and have finished these mix and match heart ornaments.

I added some beads and sequins and ribbon and cording.

I´m pleased with them and might make more so I can keep some and give others away.

Thank you for visiting, until next time.




  1. Lovely hearts :)

  2. lovely hearts.......very nice.............

  3. Hi Sheryl! So glad you left a message on my blog. I came right on over to visit here and I love your blog and all your work. If I don't have to go out on those dreary rainy days, I keep my slippers on and pick up my stitching. I'm so thankful that I have a nice bright light right beside my chair. I'm your newest follower. Keep up the great blog and work.

  4. What a beautiful display Sheryl. The hearts are so pretty and look very festive in the Christmas colours.
    Yes, I get the shuffling around in slippers bit. In fact, it's hard to get out of my PJ's these days as it is so cold!

  5. me encantan los adornos de navidad, pero menudo trabajo, fantastico y espectacular

  6. Que preciosidad ¿se pueden comprar?

    1. Hola Anonima, Sí, hago trabajos por encargo.
      Contacta conmigo por e-mail.

  7. The heart ornaments looks Gorgeous!


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