Friday, 8 November 2013

That Drawer

I wonder how many other stitchers have the habit of practically finishing a piece of work which may be cross stitch or crochet or patchwork and then jumping to a new project with the unfinished getting put away in a drawer.  None of my friends share this habit and always diligently finish one item before abording a new one.  Well my queen of hearts has been in the drawer for ages and although the embroidery is finished, I haven´t completed the entire project.

This pretty design is by Prairie Moon and the recommended colours are far prettier than the ones that I have used here. 

 The pattern was stitched with the idea of covering a dilapidated address book of bygone times.

As you can see, a sorry state of affairs,  DH says ¨for goodness sake, buy a new book¨  but you can´t when it contains a whole array of characters who have passed through your life at one stage or another.  Even school pals as old as today but remembered as yesterday, and that old flame who lived up the road, all acclaim your remembrance with the turn of a page.
Until next week.



  1. me encanta tu tapete de sobremesa de papa Noel....un trabajo muy laborioso y el cuadro del dálmata muy bonito...

  2. la costura de sirenita me encanta con sus pececitos amarillos has acertado con las diferentes telas queda perfecta


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