Thursday 26 August 2021

Listen Honey

 Hello Everyone,

My stitching mojo is at the moment as elusive as  our summer weather – About six sunny days during the whole of the month of August and  sewingwise I can only boast of having made a skirt for my daughter from a pretty dress she disliked and taken up the hem of another skirt.

I´m  doing a bit of redecorating and that includes throwing things out that we don´t need or which are rather old and I came across two embroidered holders made years ago.  Here is one of them.

A “Listen Honey” cartoon by Emerson Quillin.  I love these cartoons and have stitched quite a few  different patterns for my friends.

I lightly padded the flower on the lady´s hat and gave her a beaded necklace and 

gave her shoes some tiny laces.

Then a backing was added to the embroidery and a pretty piece of lace trim stitched  all around the holder.  Can you now guess what type of holder this is?

Yes, clever people,  you guessed rightly…… a holder for toilet rolls.  I will post about the second holder I have sewn when I get some photos taken, it´s even older than this one here.

This week I have received two delightful surprise gifts which I must show everyone.  A pretty embroidery to be treasured from Lynda Ruth of  Purple Pixie Dust.  Thank you Lynda, I really love the colours.

And along with a gorgeous French kitchen cloth, floss and thread holder ........ 

......... an amazingly clever card of a kitchen made by Nadine of Jocodine.blogspot. - I couldn´t get a link to work, and will try again later -

She makes really wonderful miniatures and this little card has so many  precious details perfectly constructed. (on doing this post I notice that a tiny knife is missing from the photo – but it is not lost, just escaped the photo session)  Thank you so much Nadine.

Until next week.



Monday 9 August 2021

Let the People Choose - August

 Hello Blogging friends,

Jo of Serendipitous Stitching hosts the SAL called  `Let the People Choose´, celebrated on the first Saturday of each month. This month our theme is Books, so do join us if you would like to show any stitching you have done about this subject.

Years ago  I made a fabric book of embroidery stitches for my granddaughter.

It has lots of pages and is full of colourful stitches and small embroidered details.

I also endeavoured one day to cover a folder to hold some ribbons and laces.

And make a couple of small books as gifts. A small heart with speciality stitches and ribbon roses.

And a pattern by Veronique Enginger where I have actually embroidered a tiny book! I think it must be the only one stitched that I have found in my files.

Irish crochet bookmarks. A lovely pattern by Anne Potts to which  I added tiny crochet flowers  with beads and leaves to add some color.

An elastic bookmark I made from a hardanger design by Mabel Figworthy.

Another little notebook cover which I embroidered copying part of a drawing found in my grandad´s sketchbook.

I seem to have a whole collection of embroidered needlebooks too, but I´ll leave those for another day and lastly include here a book cover made following a design by Marie Suarez.

Thank you for stopping by and looking.    


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