Wednesday 26 January 2022

Adding some colour

 Hello Blogging friends,

This is my first blog post of 2022 after having dithered about all the month wondering whether or not to continue blogging, so although we are at the end of January, I would like to wish everyone health and happiness for this new year.

I have decided on a plan for `Home decor sewing´, that is making things for the home or trying to improve what I have and started this month with decorating my hand towels with some crochet.

I bought some plain blue towels just before Christmas and wanted to brighten them up a bit, so for inspiration and colour ideas, I looked through the book `Crochet Motifs´ by Edie Eckman .

However,  in the end I chose patterns by Lucy of Attic 24, since I tend to muddle up British and American crochet terms when working a  pattern and mindlessly watching tv.

Trying to use up scraps of crochet thread wasn´t so easy as I thought because although I have quite a few colours, the thicknesses are varied and that decided my color combinations

Well I finished two towels with flowery motifs and leaves, and I want to finish the other two with Lucy´s crochet `Flora granny squares´  which I have been blocking and positioning but am not too happy with the colours.

Thank you for stopping by and looking.


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