Wednesday 24 September 2014

Smalls SAL - September

I think I have mentioned before how helpful our National Health Service  is with the making of hexies. Yesterday I compulsorily explored our brand new regional hospital, an enormous  building easily mistaken for an international airport terminal and as complicated to find your consultant as to find a specific airline check- in desk. I wasn´t greeted by the smiling face of my consultant´s nurse who cheerily practises her English with me, instead, a cold steel machine required my health care card and issued me with details of where I was to report.
I sat amongst twenty or so other patients gazing into space as we tend to do when we have nothing more entertaining to look at than a digital screen and have exchanged uninterested glances with each other so many times only to find that we unsurprisingly continue to look the same.  I was prepared as always, and took out my tiny faithful bag of hexicon supplies and managed to sew up 20 minis before the impersonal digital screen beeped and told RJX that it was his, her or its turn to go in.  If I had defied the sun at one bus stop and the wind at the return stop, I could easily have finished 40 or so hexies.  So, it´s always useful to carry your needlework in your bag when you have a medical appointment.

My post today has little to do with hexies, although some of them can be seen at the end of this post with my Tusal jar.  Today is another Smalls SAL check-in.

I found this redwork design on the Internet years ago and just added my usual smattering of beads or similar.

Having hunted about and found several old picture frames, I went on to embroider a second design.

I now have two remaining patterns to stitch  saved in my files which I will hopefully post about next week.  Heather at Stitching Lotus hosts the Smalls SAL, so if you are interested to find out more about this group, click on my sidebar button.

TUSAL -  check-in

My ORT´s jar is now full but will suffice until the end of this year.  More information about this Totally Useless SAL may be found by clicking my sidebar button which will take you to  Its  Daffycat.
See you next week, happy stitching.

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Wednesday 10 September 2014

Henry and Anne

Just haven´t been able to get any photos taken for this post until today.  I have been busy with some projects for Halloween, the next Smalls check-in design and just thinking about a possible give away to celebrate my first year blogging anniversary which will be in October.
When we moved from our country house to our town flat, I left behind or threw out a few of my cushion covers and so started to make some new ones .... well better said, I made one, and as I wasn´t too pleased with the result, I haven´t got around to making more.  I love history and especially the Tudor Era.  Here is Henry and Anne.

I very much enjoy embroidering cartoons and comic strips.  This is a cartoon by Tyson Cole and I just added a castle behind the happy couple and also added a couple of guards.

I made this applique design using only my stash and added a few of my usual beads and sequins to decorate Henry´s attire and embroidered a few flowers for Anne the bride.

As you can see, the colours are rather bright, so bright that the cushion cover is kept in a drawer and is only seeing the light of day long enough for me to take the photos... poor Henry.

My stitching around the design is rather poor.  The trouble with hand quilting is that I just can´t use a thimble and have never been able to sew with one, so therefore quilting is  impossible. Does anyone else have problems with wearing thimbles?  All my sewing friends use them.
  Thank you for passing by and see you next week.

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