Saturday 31 October 2015

Halloween Blog Hop

Hello everyone.  Today I am taking part in the Halloween Trick or Treat blog hop organised by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching.  Join in the fun by starting at Jo´s blog and collecting letters on the blogs listed which will form a phrase.  When you know what the phrase is, head back to Jo and tell her.

Along with a letter, I have to show something that I have stitched for Halloween and although not  celebrated much here where I live, I made this little phone case for a friend.

It is part of a design called A trick in my bag by C Mon Monde, which I have changed a bit....

... by adding a spider, a cat in her bag, a belt, striped stockings and embroidered flowers on her dress and hat.  I lined the case with yellow satin and added a whatnot of black beads.

On to my letter -

In case there is any doubt my letter is S followed by an apostrophe.

For your next letter please go to Ingrid at Mii Stitch.  Hope you have fun and a very



Thursday 22 October 2015

Keeping warm

It couldn´t be delayed any longer, I had to put blankets on the beds and get out the lap rugs.  I dislike the cold and while my friends here still sport short sleeves, I´m wrapped in a sweater and could easily start putting the heating on in the evenings.
  In the wardrobe I found this cosy little blanket that I knitted a few years back.

At the time I wanted to use up my oddments of wool and decided to make a green blanket for myself and a blue one for my mum in law.

I used different stitches for each square and had to juggle a bit with the number of stitches used so to get the pattern and measurements correct.

I made a note of some of the stitches I used, diagonal weave, knotted rib, cable, granite relief, drewdrop, double moss, diamond, puff rib, drop stitch, two colour star, horseshoe, eyelet, seeded rib, andaluz, continuous braid, tile, nosegay, gulls wings, rows of jewels, bamboo and winding trail.

After joining all the squares, I crocheted a small edging.

Perfect for the cooler evenings.  Thank you for visiting,


Monday 12 October 2015


Hello Blogger Buddies,  A dark rainy day in this part of the world today, a perfect day for sewing and sorting out stash and trims if ever possible. Last week I decided that I might store ribbons and lace in books or ring binders instead of in a twisted heap in my Aladdin´s treasure chest.

 So I embarked on trying to find strong cardboard sheets that would not bend easily but that I could cut to the shape desired, yes well easier said than done unless you want to buy sheets of one metre by one metre.  I ended up with plastic covered cardboard sheets.

A little bit of embroidery mixed with rows of trims for the front.

with a splash of tiny beads and then a cantankerous blue/grey fabric which refused to photograph well for the insides and back.

As the cantankerous blue fabric was an unloved blouse of mine and had a bit of fancy stitching, I used this for the spine.

and added a button on the back to close.

I quite like the end result but will have to make a couple more.

Thank you for passing by. See you next week.

Linking to Supermom no cape stitchery link party.


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