Friday, 15 November 2013

The Top Secret Christmas Thingy arrived

So out of the window go all my good intentions of repairing and covering my address book because this Christmas thingy takes priority. However before placing The Queen of Hearts back in `that´ drawer, I´ve been looking through my stash to find a prime candidate for the backing fabric, and have come across these compatible colours.

From Spain to Denmark.

Well I can tell anyone who may be interested, that a parcel sent from Spain to Denmark takes exactly 6 days (including a weekend) to arrive.  Here is a photo of the Christmas tree skirt which I made as a surprise for my grandchildren.

This tree skirt was inspired by a beautiful one made by Mrs Twin which I saw on her blog about  four years ago, and I saved the photo, vowing to make one myself some day.  Mine isn´t exactly the same as I´ve added my own bits and bobs, but it´s very similar.  Here are close ups of some of the houses.

My granddaughter´s cake shop.

A little sleigh and Xmas tree

This is the tea shop.  Of course to make something like this tree skirt takes a bit of time and one has the whole year really to plan, design and sew at one´s leisure and with calm and patience, taking things with ease unless of course you forget all about Christmas until nearly the end of October, when you unexpectedly tumble upon the saved photo.  I´ve never made anything in such a rush and hurry.  I would sew until late at night with the fabric extended over my entire bed, precariously risking dispersing sequins far and wide with the move of a limb. 

Mrs Twin had commented on the amount of sequins used, and I´m convinced that a great many fugitives are still to be discovered hiding in nooks and crannies, although a considerable number of these runaways were irresistibly attracted to my husband´s bare feet like pins to a magnet.  

More photos to come in my next post.  Thank you for passing by. 


  1. That tree skirt is gorgeous! We always had one at home in Canada. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be used here in England. Doesn't help that I can't sew worth a darn either. LOL!

    Ali x

  2. Your tree skirt is delightful Sheryl. There is so much detail in each little house.

  3. The children and the adults loved the Tree skirt. They had fun finding their photo. You are an artist! Thank you


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