Wednesday 17 August 2016

A Tablecloth

Hi everyone,
Last week I packed a bag full of my sewing paraphernalia just in case I found time to do some stitching while away for a few days at my late mum-in-law´s house but although nothing got to see the light of day, I did unearth a forgotten tablecloth I made about 20 years ago.

My mum-in-law would treasure anything made for her and when I extended the rectangular cloth unflatteringly over a round table to take these photos, I realized that it had probably never even been used.

With this tablecloth I started my adventures with Hardanger embroidery ....... nothing like starting out with something small ..... but it was a simple repetitive design and for some reason I didn´t embroider the outer border pattern.

The design was from my needlework collection called Agujas de Oro (Golden Needles) which I have referred to continually over the years.

Now back home I hope to catch up on my blog visits to see what you are all up to and get some stitching done before my visitors arrive next week.  Happy stitching.


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