Saturday 31 October 2020

Halloween Trick or Treat Blog Hop

Happy Halloween Everyone,

I´m joining Jo of Serendipitous Stitching today for her fun Halloween Blog hop.  Check out all the participants in the links given on Jo´s blog and where you can start collecting letters to form a mystery phrase.

My cute little stitched Halloween piece is a free design by Magali found here I stitched it  years ago and it has been sulking in a drawer ever since. 

Last week I cheered it up by adding it to a handy bag

Nothing like having a place to store your spiders

I also hunted about without luck for some Halloween themed fabric to make a few coasters as they  always  make welcome  gifts but in the end I had to rely on my stash as Halloween isn´t celebrated much here and there´s no inspiration anywhere.

Here is the letter you have come for.

Your next stop is with Astrid at astridxstitching blog, so join me now in collecting more letters and seeing what others have been stitching.

Thank you for stopping by and to Jo for hosting this great hop once again this year.



Wednesday 21 October 2020


 Hi everyone,

A lovely  sunny day here in the north of Spain with only  the growing coronavirus situation and  political discrepancies clouding the day.  Best not to listen to more than the News headlines and get working on some Halloween stitching. I thought that today I might  share  one of my finished blackwork patterns by Lesley Teare.

This is one of her Blackwork with Birds patterns and I really love the bright pretty colours

As my tiny pocket notebook could enjoy a surprise, I found some tiny scraps of bright fabric and joined them to the embroidery to make  a little cover  and then  added tiny seed beads to the embroidered flowers although they don´t show up much.

 I have at last, more or less finished my kitchen curtains after having started them last year – I´m obviously not suited  to making large ítems as they tend to fall by the wayside.

They are really only decorative and just hang at the sides of the windows as one window is immediately above the sink and the other is the glass back door. Well you can see by the photos what I mean.  Having them drawn closed would  mean one hanging in midair.

I didn´t buy  any fabric at all for these curtains, just used pieces of old curtains , embroidered handkies,  bits of crochet,  lace trims and odds and ends.

Apart from the inconvenience of sheer fabrics that slip and slide all the time when measured or sewn, I was most concerned that the seams be as small as possible and all edges hidden  or covered with a lace trim

 Most flats in our building have one short curtain and one long and I started to make a longer one for the door but it looked wrong and I didn´t continue. I´m still wondering what sort of valance to make.

 And lastly I must show you  the wonderful pattern that June of Butterfly Wings has sent me.

  It is called The Queen´s Treasure Chest and includes yummy ribbons and threads.  Quite a large project which will keep me busy in the new year.  Thank you very much June.

Hope to see you all again next week for Jo´s Trick or Treat Halloween Blog Hop. All information on her blog here.


Saturday 10 October 2020

A Small Finish

 Hello blogging friends,

I´m making very slow progress on just about everything at the moment.  My start on Christmas stitching is non-existent and my trying to finish a small embroidered project for Halloween is proving all uphill.

I think I´ll put the blame on the Coronavirus, which is getting me down and when you try to buy some fun fabric for Halloween and the two local needlework shops can only show you plain black antibacterial fabric for face masks, it doesn´t help to cheer you up or encourage inspiration.

Today I´m joining Rachel of  Ten Hour Stitcher for the Fully Finished Gallery SAL as I completely finished this little mermaid pocket for a friend of a friend who had seen one of the  mermaid scissor pouches that I made years ago and wanted one for her eye glasses.

A tiny applique mermaid and different embroidery stitches on a very difficult to photograph fabric. The back also has a little embroidery.

This being a pink mermaid, I made the lining  with pink satin and added a few seed beads to the frame

I still have quite a few of these embroideries done from time back, they are all different and  I have been intermittently working on them for months now to use up the remains of the pretty fabric. I will show them all properly in a separate post.

I´m still waiting for the metal frames to arrive so I can finish the pouches off properly.  Hope they arrive before Christmas.

I was going to show my finished curtains in this post but the FFGS is not for sewing, so I´ll leave them until my next post,  Thank you for stopping by and looking.



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