Monday 28 May 2018

Smalls SAL May

Hi Everybody,

I´m a bit late this month to check-in for the Smalls SAL but have been waiting to see if our hostess Heather from Stitching Lotus connected up.  I have been doing some sewing for my daughter recently, embroidering yoga motifs which I will show when they are finished,  so today I can only show some stitching done years ago.

The little heart pattern is I believe by Manya at Humming Needles and includes Satin stitch, Rhodes stitch, Herringbone and Algerian eyelet stitch and double cross stitch.  I embroiderd spider web roses instead of her prettier ribbon ones, probably because at the time, it was difficult to buy silk ribbon here locally.

The design was stitched mainly with DMC threads and after adding a tiny bow it was discarded to the Dreaded Drawer.

Now it has once again seen the light of day after years, I shall make it into smething useful.

Thank you for stopping by and looking.  Until next week.


Monday 14 May 2018

Tablecloth update

It´s repaired and finished despite the hidden surprises.

Found at a charity shop, a pretty chicken scratch embroidered tablecloth, ideal size for my kitchen table, with a white crochet edging and spoilt by a cigarette burn at one end.

Not very difficult to repair I thought, I just needed to cut off about 30cm from the damaged end and redo some of the white and orange pattern which was all cross stitches -- fine.

BUT..........I couldn´t find a match for the orange thread, so I´d have to redo all the orange stitching with another colour -- no worry, that´s quick work.
BUT .........Oh, one side had more rows than the other !  -- well, another row can be added, easy peasy...........but wait a minute ........ if I add an extra row, the corner pattern will be off centre ......errr no, must be off centre now ............ yes it is -- Oh well, I´ll take out the corner patterns.

AND the crochet edging is a continuation of the blanket stitched hem, so if I cut away fabric, it will all have to be redone, hem and crochet .......... oh.
Thank goodness my grandchildren came to stay the week and I didn´t have time to think anymore or the tablecloth repair would probably have been discarded. I found a blue perlé thread in my stash which would suffice instead of the original orange and got started.

The unstitched corner patterns were changed for a few blue and white flowers and a simple crochet edging added, a bit narrow but I didn´t have enough thread for another row.

Was all this repair work worth all the changes?  Probably not.
Thank you for stopping by,


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