Tuesday 15 February 2022

Adding some Shabby Chic

 Hello Blogging friends,

I´m late for a Valentine´s Day post, somehow I thought the day fell on Tuesday (today) so I can only hope that everyone spent a lovely time yesterday and found a moment to be with friends or family.

Continuing with my Decor Improvement Plan and trying to get in the romantic mood for Valentine´s day, this month I thought I would replace my bedroom cushions and covers with some pretty Shabby Chic ones.

Not a lot of pink fabric in my stash and even my lace odds and ends are getting scarce, but that is a good challenge to try and make the most of them.

The pink striped fabric was once a blouse and the narrow lace edging adorned my kitchen curtains many years ago.

I used the hem presser foot on my sewing machine for the tiny narrow hems to make the frills but then couldn´t find the gathering foot which made me wonder if I actually ever had one...or just always wanted one.... so useful.

Some very amateurish fabric flowers and a go at making French applique roses.

The last cushion is the one with the most bits of lace and ribbon, probably my favourite as another embroidered one is as yet unfinished and not shown here.

Thank you for stopping by and looking.

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