Saturday 31 July 2021

Tray Cloth

 Hello everyone,

Another month over and again very little stitching done. My daughter and her three children are coming  to stay next month and I have been  busy arranging the house for their stay and making the most of all the arranging, to clear out unwanted furniture and ítems.

I thought I might show a tray cloth that I made some time ago.  It doesn´t fit any tray that I have and I didn´t want to make the pattern any smaller, so it will probably be gifted in the future.

I found the design in the magazine Labores and was keen to start the pattern  straight away as I had  a piece of natural coloured linen on hand and the recommended floss colours.  I chose a pretty red printed fabric for the surround.

I like to stitch designs that include different embroidery stitches,  and this includes:  punto de margarita, tallo, feston, nudo, estrella, bolonia and carril.  I added a few tiny heart shaped buttons and a piece of red trim.

I really like the end result, there was a tiny bit of quilting to do which I completed by sewing machine……. Only need a tray now.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer,  here in the north of Spain, we are still awaiting sunny days .  I am very behind on blog visiting but hope to visit everyone during the next month.


Monday 5 July 2021

Let the People Choose - July

 It`s time again for the People Choice  SAL hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching

This month´s topic is houses and if I didn´t have many butterflies for last month´s topic,  I certainly have quite a few houses to show.

 Firstly, an easy to recognise design of Michael Powell´s cross stitch cottages.  I finished the chart and then just went on adding more and more cottages until I got to the end of the fabric.  That was about 10 years ago, so it would be nice to get the design made into something and take it out of the depths of the Dreaded Drawer.

Another cottage by Michael, this time made into a little scissor holder

An applique table runner made as a Christmas gift for a friend, I didn´t have a pattern for this but copied the idea from a Xmas display in a shop window.

A little tissue holder house made for a friend who only wanted me to use the colour brown, so I added a little bling to brighten things.  Lots of beads and sequins.

I seem to have sewn more houses  than embroidered them, more little tape measure houses as Christmas gifts.

and an unknown pattern of a snowy Christmas scene. 

I  have been more inspired to sew houses around December and one year made a Christmas tree skirt for the grandchildren.

I´ve left this post to be automatically published while I´m away soaking up the sun – well at least I hope to find the sun as in the north, we have had a rotten few weeks weatherwise.  So see you all soon.


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