Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A terrible weekend

...weather wise that is.  Our mild dry Autumn has suddenly evaporated and been replaced by low temperatures, high winds, rain, hail, storms and the promise of snow to come - all fury let loose.  We have innocently been taken by surprise, misled to the proximity of Christmas by such a placid November. Those young things, who only last week sported T-shirts and shorts have suddenly vanished into oblivion.
These grey afternoons have really been well put to use and I have been sorting out fabrics and patterns to make some small Christmas items.

I´m going to make a table runner with these colours and will use other fabric oddments to make some ornaments. 

I´ve been hunting around for some tiny ric rac ribbon but it doesn´t seem available here unless you want pale blue or pink, not very Christmassy at all.  However I did find these cuties which insisted on coming home with me.

Here are a few more photos of the Christmas tree skirt which I made for my grandchildren.

This perhaps is my favourite  little shop as I enjoyed sewing the various jars of sweets.  I also like the dog with his Xmas hat.

This is the gift shop.

 This is the sushi house with a hungry cat outside.

The church.

This photo shows the backing fabric with a small label, I wonder if you can spot it?.  I hope they like this gift, it was great fun making it and hopefully they might remember me when each Christmas comes around. 
  Until next time. 



  1. Hola me llamo Eva , Tati me hablo de tu trabajo, te dire que tarde varios días en verlo por soy muy despistada y perezosa, pero bueno al entrar al blog te tengo que decir que me parece precioso y no solo eso sino que entiendo que detrás de todo hay muchas horas de trabajo, mi madre es modista y la tengo visto desde niña coser, te felicito . un saludo.

    1. Hola Eva, Me ha hecho mucha ilusion tu visita por mi blog. Agradezco tus comentarios los cuales me animan a seguir publicando mis trabajos. Espero que me visites pronto de nuevo. un saludo. Sheryl


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