Thursday 27 November 2014

November Smalls SAL check in

Having had very little time this month for any stitching apart from a couple of Christmas projects, I turned to my overflowing UFO drawer and found a half finished hardanger pattern which I made into this little needle book.

From my stash I chose my favourite pinks and greens.

The tiny hardanger design I had already stitched so I´m not sure where the original pattern came from. I just added an extra beaded surround.

and a bit of trim and felt to the inside.

I´m pleased that I got an UFO completed which will make a nice small Christmas gift.

Heather at Stitching Lotus hosts the Smalls SAL  and if you would like more information about this group, just click on my sidebar button.

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                                                              Until next week.


Sunday 23 November 2014

Last Roses

I´m a bit late with my post this week due to having visitors, planning a scavenger hunt, making a birthday cake and so forth.  However, I managed to take photos a few days ago, when glancing out of the window on a gloomy dark cloudy afternoon,  I spied two forlorn pink roses struggling against the sudden downpour of rain and went out to rescue them.  Couldn´t let the heavy rain spoil such beauty, so I found some odds and ends of my crochet work to offset the very last of this year´s roses.

I haven´t done much crochet work lately but in past years have made several borders for sheets and pillowcases. 

Here is a different edging found in the magazine Labores. 

These borders are quick to make and easy to take with you when out and about in case you have five minutes to add a few rows and they make such a difference added to sheets.

I added a few beads to the above pillowcase not very practical but pretty.

It is also time for November´s Tusal check-in

Here is my ORT´s jar, now overflowing due to lots of threads from my Christmas sewing projects which I can´t as yet show and also lots of threads from the Randje Per Week SAL, which in October I understood had stopped until the new year, only to learn that there has been no pause in their weekly patterns at all and now I´m weeks behind.

Sharon hosts the Totally Useless Stitch A Long and all information can be found by clicking on my sidebar button which will take you to It´s Daffycat.    Thank you for visiting.


Thursday 6 November 2014

Story Book Quilt

Our temperatures have dropped drastically this last week, so I´ve been getting out the blankets and quilts.  This reminded me that when I saw my daughter this summer, I managed to take a few photos of a quilt that I made a few years ago for my grandson.  I have only ever made and finished about five quilts and this is by far my favourite one.

This is a children´s story book quilt based on the Bremen Town Musicians

 and the clever illustrations which captured my interest are by Petra Steinmeyer.

 The blocks are shown in order of the story.............Once upon a time...............

.an unhappy donkey left his owners as they considered him too old to work, and he decided to go to Bremen and be a musician...............

On the way to Bremen he met a dog who was too old to hunt.

A sad cat who could no longer catch mice....................

 and a cockerel which was going to be eaten for supper............

The four animals found a shelter for the night, but spied robbers inside...............

 they all made a terrible noise which scared the robbers...................

who ran away......................

and the four animals decided to make the shelter their home, living happily ever after.............
The End.

Hope you liked the story and quilt.  Until next week.

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