Sunday 30 March 2014

March ORT Report

Gosh, well, I´ve been aroused out of my Sunday afternoon stupor by catching sight of a blogger buddy´s Tusal jar post of today and realizing that I haven´t checked-in yet.  Really I hadn´t forgotten and had even prepared a photo of my ORT jar last Friday, but today I haven´t thought at all about blogging and spent a very industrious morning working amongst the flower pots, being as it was a beautiful sunny Spring morning.
It was time to attend the attention starved vegetation, sorely in need of clipping, cutting, repotting, watering and feeding.  Some identity tags on my odd robbed cuttings have gone south with the wind and that means that we might,  - just might, like last year while weeding, mistakenly discard a prized cutting and spend weeks diligently fertilizing and pampering a common weed before realising our error.
Here is my ORT jar.

For more information about this group, click on the Totally Useless Sal image on my sidebar.
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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Smalls Sal March - Jewellery pouch

I thought I´d make a little pouch to hold a few earrings or such for this month´s project, well it could really hold anything but I made it soft with velvet and with a silk lining, so to hold something delicate or precious.

The lacy embroidered pattern is from the Romantic Sampler by Angie, with a few changes made and a sprinkling of tiny pearl beads added to decorate the front.

I am trying to use up odds and ends of fabric, so I used a small piece of 28ct Brittney cream for this design and the velvet and silk are from my stash - why does it never seem to shrink?  I know this is just a teeny bit of stitching, but it seems as though I have been ` using up my stash´ for years now with no outward sign of it diminishing.

Here is a close up.  The colour is very difficult to photograph, it´s neither green nor blue.

 I added a couple of beads to the ends of the drawstring cording. They really should have been pearls but I didn´t have any that would thread two cords.

I started out making a pink pouch but wasn´t very pleased with my sewing up efforts, so I went on to make the green one which I´m happier with - done with more patience of course.

I wonder what everyone else in this Smalls Sal has stitched? must go and have a look, as each month there are many different designs, and if you are interested, the button on my sidebar will take you to the Stitching Lotus where all the information is.

Happy stitching.


Friday 7 March 2014

Sewing machine cover

Another week has flown by and I´ve actually been able to concentrate on sewing matters instead of worrying about computer issues. Today I meet up with my sewing buddies to spend an enjoyable afternoon, sewing, gossiping and drinking cups of tea -  well, ok and just maybe consuming the odd biscuit, cake or similar.  We meet up each week, taking it in turns to be at our different homes and these get-togethers really cheer us up (do we need cheering up?) and keep our needlework enthusiasm at a peak.  This week I sorted out a few photos of my sewing machine cover.

Here are some details of the front.

Mice everywhere

This is the back view.

Mouse on the side.

This week I also received a packet from Monique at A Half Baked Notion.  I won her giveaway during the Grow Your Blog hop and the beautiful earrings arrived.  I was able to choose from various pairs and here are the three I chose.

Monique also very generously included some of her snowflake buttons.

Aren´t they pretty?  Do hop over to her blog and see the lovely things she makes at A Half Baked Notion.

Thank you for your visit.

Sunday 2 March 2014

March´s Tusal

This is my Tusal jar for this month, mainly mixed coloured threads from the little flower girl design that I embroidered for the Smalls SAL and can be seen on one of my posts earlier this week.
To find out more about this Tusal group, click on the Totally Useless Sal image on my sidebar.

Today I have managed to get some sewing done after a week of computer issues and.... by the way did anyone mention sun, sunshine, warmth or Spring in one of their last posts? Surely it wasn´t me? could it have been me? gosh I think it was.  Perhaps I shouldn´t have made any allusions to the weather at all, because as soon as I clicked on the publish post button, it was as though I had clicked on the rain/cloud button and we´re back to gale force winds and heavy rain.  Hope you are all having better weather than us here in the North of Spain.  See you later.

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