Friday 26 January 2018

Smalls SAL - January

Check in day today for Stitching Lotus´s  Smalls SAL has forced me to put aside the winter lethargy which insits on joining me each year and publish something bright and cheerful.  How about something red?  A book cover?

I gathered together some linen and red polka dot fabric, scraps of red and green felt and started to make a design by Marie Suarez that I found in a newly released magazine called Bordados (embroideries) which I enthusiastically started to buy until the collection fizzled out with the third issue.

An easy pattern which I really enjoyed making. I did the stitched surround a bit different from the specified and incorporated a bit of cross stitch in the top right hand corner.

I lined the notebook with a combination of the linen and polka dot fabric and added a piece of lace to cheer up the spine.

My new notebook cover goes perfectly with the lovely crochet bookmark that Rosey at Ishkabibble gave me.

I think I might make a few more of these covers and use up some of the felt stash I have.  I´d like to show here, the gorgeous hand made Christmas card and pretty Notre Dame button and ornaments I received from Nadine at Jocondine over Xmas.  Thank you Nadine.

Until next time.

Friday 12 January 2018

My Never Ending Quilt

Hello all,
My first post this year and about time I looked lively, wished everyone a very Happy New Year and shared some needlework.

No-one will remember my Never Ending quilt, mentioned sporadically on my blog, enthusiastically started about eight years ago, abandoned to the Dreaded Drawer when almost finished, and then rescued guiltily and worked upon in fits and starts only when my sewing companions asked for its whereabouts.

I can finish the top part of a quilt without problems but when it comes to assembling the backing, batting and borders and then struggling with the bulk slipping off the table while sewing, I just don´t want to know.

I did a lot of work on this quilt,  hand embroidering fourteen patterns by Bronwyn Hayes and making pretty patchwork blocks, some inspired by Leanne Beasley´s quilt called `Journey of a Quilter´

I added a few fancy embroidered seams, beads and bits and pieces of crochet.

Well, last month with the looming dread that my visiting daughter at Christmas would yet again inquire with a fatalistic intonation whether my quilt was at last completed, I put to finishing it before her arrival and am pleased to announce that it can no longer be referred to as `The Never Ending´ quilt.

(Cartoon by Allie Brosh)
Until next week,


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