Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Hi Everyone,
I´ve been away from the blogging world for a week or so, not enjoying the delights of a short relaxing holiday soaking up our beautiful sunny weather of last week, but busy amongst the plants, flower pots, seeds and weeds which were all urgently demanding attention.  However I did have time to get some needlework done.  A holder for my Q snap frame.

I didn´t follow any pattern in particular, just that of a couple of tiny roses which I repeated and then added stems and leaves all over the place.

For the holder I chose from stash, a pretty fabric very similar to the actual embroidery but I worried that the two together would result too `busy´ so to lessen that possible effect, I added a velvet ricrac trim between the two.

The lining fabric is plain beige and some ribbon at the sides closes the holder.

The frame fits nice and snug and will probably not be seen again.  I bought it on recommendation from a patchwork teacher years ago while making a quilt and although fine for most people, it took an instant dislike to me, imprisioned my quilt in a vice like grip and rebelled to relinquish the fabric without a tug of war, so it was banished in disgrace to the dark depths of my wardrobe.

I hope to catch up with my blogging visits this week, until then.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Smalls SAL check-in - February

Today I´m joining Heather of Stitching Lotus for the Smalls SAL monthly check-in.  I embroidered a label for a jar of buttons.

The pattern is a free one from Isazabelle and can be found here.  I also tried out a new variegated thread in our shops by DMC called Coloris.

I have a box of buttons holding, not pretty quirky buttons like those that abound our needlework shops nowadays and are difficult to resist ..

... but a sad box of ordinary buttons which were saved, along with zips, before discarding clothing thirty odd years ago when my children were small and I did a lot of sewing.

Now I would like one or two fancy jars to hold the buttons as they look decorative and pretty on shelves.

I added a few teeny weeny buttons to the finished pattern, edged it with a rather dull blue cording which I had on hand and backed the piece with interfacing and then glued it to the jar.

I think this is an approvement on my old box but I do need another one .. or two.
Thank you for visiting.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Valentine´s Day and GG. post

I wanted to publish this yesterday and wish everyone a Happy Valentine´s day but I had internet problems and couldn´t publish my post.  With help from my technician all is ok today and I can join in with the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching.

For Valentine´s Day, I thought I would stitch something really romantic and emblematic and what could be more so than a notepaper holder? .... no? ... well maybe not, but at least my little cardboard holder looks prettier now with a few amateurishly styled ribbon roses.

The pink Mokuba ribbon was gifted to me, so making this embroidery valid for the GG SAL and I wanted to do the roses in varous shades of pink but this ribbon is very hard to find where I live and the colour choice practically non existant, so I had to use what was available and that was  beige and white.

I started with doing a bit of trellis stitch using DMC thread and then ventured on with the roses.

I embroidered some tiny pink buds with floss which would have looked better done with the ribbon...too late now.

See you next week,

Friday, 27 January 2017

Smalls SAL January

Today is the first check-in day of this year for the Smalls SAL hosted by Heather at Stitching Lotus. If you would like to join this group and show what you have made during the month, click on my sidebar button for more information.

I had planned to show how my stitching on the Never Ending Sampler organised by Pam at Kitty and Me designs, is progressing, but at the moment it is not.  I started stitching a couple of weeks ago and have changed my choice of thread colours twice already. sigh.  So today I am showing an embroidery which I finished just after Christmas.

The little needlecase design is from the magazine Labores.  In the centre square, the pattern included lots of beads which I decided not to add.

I used some fabric from stash and a square of felt for the inside, put a button in the middle and added ribbon at each corner to close the needlecase.

I´m going to add this to my gift box.

Linking to Martina´s Patchwork and Stitchery.

Happy stitching.

Monday, 16 January 2017

January Gifted Gorgeousness

Hi Everyone,
 We are half way through the month and my stitching is going very slowly so far, in fact I´m dithering about as I seem to do at the beginning of each new year, so yesterday on seeing lots of G.G. posts, I decided to sign up and join Jo´s Gifted Gorgeousness SAL, where we show a sewing related gift we have received or have made.

Last year I joined Mabel Figworthy´s hardanger SAL and each month we had a small pattern to stitch which was then hopefully made into something useful.  I never posted April´s design which I finished as a pincushion and then put away as a future gift, so therefore I may include it on my first G.G. post.

In addition to the usual Hardanger Kloster blocks and wrapped bars, the pattern included butterfly chain stitch, a dotted diamond chain and spiders´ webs.

I added a couple of crochet flowers with button centres.

I´m listing here some of the other hardanger designs which I stitched during last year and mentioned on past posts.
January´s pattern being the first, was the easiest with Kloster blocks, eyelets, satin stitch and star stitch.  I made a heart shaped ornament.

February´s pattern included herringbone ladder stitch, a feather braid and square filets.  I decided to make a rosary bead pouch.

The pattern for March was more interesting with double wrapped bars, woven daisies, dove´s eyes and sequins.  I made a needlebook.

May´s design had a chequered chain stitch worked with two colours, up and down buttonhole stitch and Greek crosses.  Beads were added to the double wrapped bars and with this pattern I made a cover for a tape measure.

A pretty pattern for June, one which I really enjoyed stitching with y-bars, ribbed spiders´webs, eyelash stitch and French knots.  I made a small purse.

I think I had better leave the other six patterns for my next post before you all wander off.
Happy stitching.

Linking to Supermom no cape Stitchery Party

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Smalls SAL December

Hi Everyone,
My family have just gone home after a wonderful Christmas visit and I can pop in to link with Heather at Stitching Lotus for the last Smalls SAL check-in post for this year.

I started my Christmas stitching by making these little hexie wine glass mats.

with a tiny robin embroidered in the middle hexagon.  I was going to make six but then the flu came along and only four got finished.  Perhaps during the coming year I will finish two more.

I received in the post some very similar pretty mats sent to me by Pamela at Hokkaido Kudasai, thank you Pamela.

and a gorgeous, unusual Christmas greeting card and decoration made by Nadine at Jocondine.  So clever, thank you Nadine.

Being unwell during December, I wasn´t able to wish anyone a Merry Christmas but I am in time to wish all and everyone a Very Happy and Healthy 2017 and thank each one of you for having visited my blog during this year. I hope to catch up on my blog visits during the next few days.

Until next week,

Linking to Supermom-no cape stitchery party.
and Patchwork with stitchery SAL

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