Thursday, 5 December 2013

Men in Red

Here is my finished Christmas table runner which I´m really pleased with.  It´s a design by Rita at Twinkle Patchwork who I particularly admire for her fabric and colour coordination.
I think we have probably all at one time or another embarked on sewing or embroidering a design which colour scheme we have either partially or entirely changed from the original, only to be disappointed with the end result.

Well, at least you can´t go far wrong with our jolly old Santa Claus, clad in his Coca Cola colours.  Can you imagine portraying this charitable elderly gent as before the popular drink´s promotion of a century ago, in his green or brown sackcloth attire?  No, this intense red definitely suits him perfectly along with the terrific weight gain that they also obliged him to undertake.

I added  a small bell to the top of his hat.

and a smattering of beads and sequins to the tree

I really like making Christmas table runners, such a pity we only get to see them once a year.

Happy stitching            


  1. I love the shape of our old Santa. Anything on your list for this year?
    What about the three kings? You could do magic there...
    I still remember those you made with xmas balls as heads, ja, ja

  2. me encanta el papa noel y el detalle del arbol es fantastico con las lentejuelas.espero pases unas felices fiestas , en compañia de los tuyos y esperando , que el proximo año nos sorprendas, con los reyes magos. o quizas te de tiempo y nos sorprendas con algo bonito para el fin de año . pues ya estoy viendo que ideas no te han de faltar. gracias por alegrarnos los sentidos con esas maravillosas obras de arte

  3. I think that is one of the nicest Christmas table runners I've ever seen Sheryl.
    Beautifully stitched. I love it.

  4. I love the lace along the edge of the border-really pretty blanket stitches too :)

    1. Hi Teresa,welcome to my blog. I 'stole' the lace from an old skirt of mine because I thought it just perfect. However, it wasn't quite long enough and if you look closely you will see that there is no lace between Santa's legs.!:-)


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