Monday 30 November 2020


 Hi Everyone,

I´ve been really busy this week working on my Christmas stitching, jumping from one project to the next and doing a bit of crocheting again – which I always seem to do at this time of year and then started worrying about how to send Xmas cards if I couldn´t even buy them locally due to our lockdown.

I sorted through a briefcase overflowing with my old cards thinking that I could repurpose some.  My stepmum who lives in Cyprus always sends me really pretty ingeniously repurposed cards but I only got as far as looking through  the cards and reminiscing all the afternoon .

Well, I could try and make some fabric cards using a gorgeous fabric called Heavenly Pixies by Michael Miller which I bought years ago at our local patchwork shop and had no idea at the time just what I would use it for.

And then some festive fabric, I´m getting really low on that, another one for the backing , some batting and I also added another stiff interfacing.

I did a small cross stitch greeting to add to the back  of the card and that´s about it,  Don´t think they look too bad.

Having now finished  these cards , I can get visiting my blogging friends and see what everyone is doing.



Monday 16 November 2020

Fully Finished Gallery SAL - November

 Hello stitching friends,

I´m late, but not too late to check-in for the Fully Finished Gallery SAL hosted by Rachel of Ten Hour Stitcher and celebrated on the 10th of each month,

Just a tiny finish to show today since I haven´t had much time for stitching lately.  This last week, a  lock down week,  was plagued with annual medical revisions, which I had to attend decked out like an undercover agent, with face mask, glasses and a rain hood due to the inclemency  of the weather, and after being questioned, tested and disinfected by  a group of astronauts , was received by another astronaut who turned out to be my doctor/dentist.

So, little time for sewing, but I did manage to finish a second Blackwork  Flowers with Birds pattern by Lesley Teare

I love these pretty little designs. There are six in the collection all very bright and colourful except for the blackwork of course and bit by bit I hope to finish them all.

 I tried sewing another little notepad holder  but this time I don´t like the finish  and it will be redone in a different way.

I think it is the stitched surround which seems to limit how I wish to finish an ítem, but on all accounts  it will have to wait until after Christmas.  Too much to do right now, at this time of year the days just seem to disappear.

I was surprised by a little self sown wild flower which sprouted from a pot a couple of weeks ago and has lovely bright flowers, since this photo was taken, it is much larger now and has 7 blooms at the moment, perfect to brighten these dull worrying autumn days.

Keep safe and sound everyone.



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