Wednesday 30 April 2014

Smalls SAL April - Book cover

 Hello everyone, Today is check in day for the Smalls SAL hosted by Heather at Stitching Lotus,    I decided to stitch a small notebook cover for a young music loving student.

The design  is part of a drawing from my grandad's sketch book of around 1920 and he called it `A Little Waltz´.

Halfway though the sewing up, I realised that the fabric I had chosen for the backing wasn´t exactly the best choice for a young person, as it looks dull and sad, so I will probably end up making another cover in prettier colours.

I used tiny black beads for the dancers´ heads.

and lined the book cover with another red fabric from my stash and added a piece of lace and  also a red cord and a couple of beads as a page marker.

To find out more about the Smalls SAL, click on the image on my sidebar.  Until next week.

Linking to Supermom no cape stitchery party.


April´s TUSAL

Another New Moon, so here is my ORT jar with this month´s offerings.  Doesn´t seem as though there are many new colours although I have really done quite a lot of sewing.  Perhaps it has something to do with the numerous threads that I find on the floor and WHY are they on the floor when I have a jar?  I bet you don´t all find threads, do you?

The majority of my ORT´s are from my `small´ for the Small´s SAL which I shall post about later today or tomorrow.  Here is a sneak peek.
For more about the TUSAL group, just click on the sidebar image which will take you to Daffycat where all the information is.  Thanks for passing by.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Finishing The Unfinished

In my last post I published a few photos of The Never-Ending quilt blocks which had been abandoned years ago and that just needed a tiny bit of stitching to be finished and I promised to publish them again this week completed.  Well here they are:

I´m just not at all motivated to finish this quilt and had to give myself a good talking to the other evening before I reluctantly picked up my needle and thread.  Luckily at that same moment I received an encouraging comment from a blogger buddy which sparked my dwindling enthusiasm. So to continue with this self imposed method of finishing the unfinished, here are four more uncompleted blocks which I will show finished next week.

These hexies need sewing down or do they?  Would they look better just as they are?

Two more designs by Bronwyn Hayes without the stitched surround.

Look at all these horrible threads everywhere.........

The rest of the blocks are really finished although I might do a bit of embroidery on some of the seams.  Here are a few more finished blocks.

Now I will have to start thinking about the borders, the filling and the backing fabrics

All the bits I least like doing.  Until next week.


Thursday 10 April 2014

This and That

Yesterday my sewing buddies were here at my house for our weekly stitching get-together and one of them asked the $1000 question of  ¨where´s that quilt you were making? ¨   I kind of didn´t hear her but she repeated the question and I had to get The Never-Ending quilt out of its three or four year hiding place.  I did have a look at it a few weeks back but that was it - just a look.

  Now I have decided to publish some photos of the unfinished blocks and publish them again in my next post completely finished..right... now I´ve said it, I´ll have to do it.
The  stitcheries are by Bronwyn Hayes and I´m doing a running stitch around the embroidery as in these two finished blocks.

These next ones need that stitching, which I will hopefully show finished on my next blog post.

So silly not to completely finish a quilt when most of the hard work has been done.

Thank you for visiting. See you next week.


Tuesday 8 April 2014

Liebster Award

Last week I was super surprised on being nominated by Monique at A Half Baked Notion for the Liebster  Award  Thank you so much Monique.  I expect most of you bloggers know of this award but I didn´t as I´m new to blogging and I had to find out what it is.  Mainly it´s about bloggers valuing and appreciating the efforts of fellow bloggers and by nominating them draw awareness to their blogs. Here are the rules:
1. Link back to the blogger who awarded you
2. Copy and paste the pink Liebster Award logo to your blog.
3. Nominate 5 blogs to receive the award who have less than 3,000 followers.
4. Create a new list of 11 questions for them.
5. Inform them of their nomination.
Here are the questions Monique asked:
1.  If you had a time machine, what period of history would you visit.   ---  Tudor era 1485-1603
2.  Do you play a musical instrument (if not which would you want to learn)  --  I  don´t -  piano.
3.  Who was your best friend as a child. ---  Yvonne, my first sewing buddy.  We made dolls clothes
4.  How or why did you decide to start blogging?  --  To find others sharing the same interests as me.
5.  Where would you visit if cost were no object?  --  Australia,  to further genealogy  interests.
6.  Favourite guilty pleasure   ---   Antique shops
7.  Are you a big breakfast eater or strictly coffee and toast  ---  coffee and toast
8.  What is the one thing you `can´t  live without´  ---   someone to talk to.
9.  You think ...........    should be illegal. ---   bullfighting
10. What is your favourite room in the house?  ---  the study.
11. If the story of your life were made into a movie, would it be a drama, comedy, suspense, horror or documentary?  ---  More likely a commercial, when everyone could go and make a sandwich.
My nominations for this award are:
Maria at  Alarttex
Jean  at  French Oddities
I hope my nominees will participate in this chain game and accept the award.  Here are my 11 questions:
1.  What age would you like to stay at or go back to?
2.  Which season of the year do you like best?
3.  Would you like to have had a different first name? which?
4   Recommend me an interesting film
5.  Can you recommend me a good book?
6.  Are you an early morning or night person?
7.  What do you collect?
8.  Would you consider carrying a donor card?
9.  What was your favourite subject at school?
10.What is your earliest memory?
11.Do you  think 11 questions are too many?
Thank you for your time in reading this and I look forward to the replies.  My thanks again to Monique.

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