Wednesday 9 March 2022

Adding some buttons

 Hello Blogger friends,

Sad days since my last post.  Cloudy cold days to accompany the heaviness of heart that most of us feel with the latest hostile accions in our ever becoming unsettled world.

I have been sorting out picture frames just lately and decided to give a use to two oval shaped ones bought from a charity shop years ago and never used.

Amazing how long it took me to hunt amongst my vast collection of buttons to find some pretty ones, it seems I have very few attractive or decorative buttons at all.  I chose  red specimens for the first frame.

Then cut a piece of linen to size and embroidered a few flower stems and played about positioning the buttons and some beads to represent flowers.

Not sure if I succeeded´

For the second frame, I chose white and yellow buttons.

and lastly added a piece of lace trim.

I like how these turned out, they were fun to do........

although both frames might look better painted with some chalk paint, maybe an off white or at least a lighter colour, what do you think?  At the moment I´m leaving them as they are until I know where to hang them.
Thank you for stopping by and looking.

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