Sunday 30 September 2018


Hello friends and visitors,

I´ve missed the check-in for the Smalls SAL this month as I couldn´t get my embroidery photographed in time and have been busy making what seems like 101 sleep masks for my daughter. However I can show a couple of purses I made to hold sunglasses.

My handbag always seems to weigh such a lot, full of goodness knows what I suppose and the sturdy hard case which came with the sunglasses doesn´t help the weight problem.

I needed light softly padded pouches and used fabric scraps from stash.

A printed fabric for the backs and mixed colours on the front.  I added a piece of batting and blue cotton for the lining.

I was going to use a metal purse clasp as one of the fastenings but in the end I decided to use the yellow zip which was long enough for both pouches.  Now I just have to remember to use these pouches and not wear my sunglasses on my head like a hairband.

Some of the sleep masks I´m in the middle of making.

Thank you for popping by and looking.  Until next week.

Saturday 15 September 2018

Flower power

Hi Everyone,

I have had a really busy week stitching and enjoying the last of our wonderful summer days.  While I was lazing about outside one afternoon, I glanced at our mesh food cover and thought it to be the perfect base for a loom flower makeover.

The difficulty was in finding a flower loom as I had thought that our needlework shops would stock them, well no such luck.  I eventually found one at a local Chinese bazaar.

The packet contained several different plastic shapes and size looms, brief basic instructions on how to make flowers and a large eyed needle to assist with the future wonders one is about to create.

I chose to use scraps of wool from my stash but you could use yarn, ribbon or raffia or combine

There are lots of great tutorials on the internet but I didn´t make any fancy blooms, just stuck to the easy straight forward ones thinking to add embellishment with some bright pretty buttons from my collection which contrarily and unhelpfully only produced a couple of sad examples.

I had fun using this new toy and love my new food cover. I can see the little loom is going to be very handy for future projects.

Until next week.

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