Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Embroidery Sew Along

 That  jubilant feeling I had all through the month while enveloped and bustled along in the warmth of the Christmas spirit has disappeared.   I was taking the surplus dining chairs to the storeroom when my eye caught sight of three forgotten chocolate ornaments still hanging on our Christmas tree, three ornaments which had escaped the vision of  my grandchildren.   So I went on putting away the chairs
and extra cutlery that only sees the light of day every Christmas.

Barbie has her new Christmas dress.

Just a simple red velvet dress with a little lace around the neckline and sleeves and a few beads down the centre bodice.

I have been searching the Internet for new embroidery SALs as I wuld like to start something with speciality stitches.  Something like this Perennial Garden by The Drawn Thread, which includes lots of different stitches and was a real joy to stitch.

I really don´t know why I chose to embroider the center whitework design in blue, it would have been much better in the recommended white.

Hydrangeas, Irises and French knot Achilleas with tiny lazy daisy leaves.

Violets embroidered in lazy daisy stitch with tiny upright crosses in the centers, Day Lillies and Primulas with Smyrna cross stitches in the centers.

Pretty French knot Lupins and Asters.

Pansies done in lazy daisy stitch, eyelet stitch Hollyhocks and Daisies done in lazy daisy stitch with French knot centers.

A close up of French knot Achilleas, pale yellow Daisies, orange Day Lillies and Anemones.

I am linking to Supermom-no.cape for her stitchery party

Don´t forget your grapes tonight

This is a Spanish tradition, very popular and important if you want to have luck during the whole year. Go and buy some grapes right away.  Every person must have twelve grapes which represent the months of the year and tonight, at midnight with every chime of the clock, you eat one, so finishing them all when the clock finishes chiming and the new year has begun.  Thank you for visiting and have a lovely evening.
  See you next year.



  1. me encanta el vestido rojo, bueno yo diria granate que elegante quedo con las perlas, y la puntilla, ya me imaginaba que ibas hacer una obra maestra de un trapin. deseamos que tengas mucha suerte en este año que comenzamos.

  2. The Barbie dress is exquisite!

  3. Barbie's dress is beautiful! Now you've got me wanting to make one. My very first sewing projects as a young girl were making Barbie clothes.

    Your cross-stitch is lovely!

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and for linking back. Aloha hugs!

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