Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Who stole a week?

I´m getting quite used to the odd week having only six days.  You know, when you´ve prepared supper that bit earlier to be able to sit comfortably, with embroidery in hand, to watch your favourite Friday night TV program, only to discover that it´s not Friday yet, but only Thursday.
This has happened to me several times this year and I still cringe when I see the man at our local Charity shop who very obligingly agreed to pick up some unwanted furniture from my home one Wednesday morning.  After not finding me at home on that said day, he located me by phone and had to listen to my paltry excuse of not being at home because I had thought it was Thursday.

I seem to rob the odd day now and then, but this month I haven´t done it.  The calendar assures me that December definitely has 31 days, but as soon as the month begins those days sure do start to speed up and I´m suddenly left with a week until Christmas when I thought there were two.

Keep him warm part two

Here are some more photos of this quilt mentioned in my last post.

These small designs are based on life in the country

Apart from the designs by Lynette Anderson and Tasha Noel, I haven´t any record of  where I found the other patterns, but will try to find a reference to include here.

I finished the quilt corners with a little hand quilted design.

and backed it with a pretty blue and white printed fabric.

I enjoyed making this lap quilt and was pleased with the result.  Thank you for visiting and see you on Friday, if no one steals it!


  1. Quilts like this are a lot of fun to make and this one is a beauty.
    I'm sure it will become a well loved family heirloom.

  2. Thank you Sheryl.
    I can see you love your sewing.
    A beautiful Tree skirt and your other work is amazing!
    You've made a splendid job.
    Enjoy whatever you are doing craftywise!
    love Sue and thank you! x

  3. I love that quilt! colours are so fresh and all thelLittle squares with the country life are just beautiful. Beautiful. Marianne


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