Monday, 16 November 2020

Fully Finished Gallery SAL - November

 Hello stitching friends,

I´m late, but not too late to check-in for the Fully Finished Gallery SAL hosted by Rachel of Ten Hour Stitcher and celebrated on the 10th of each month,

Just a tiny finish to show today since I haven´t had much time for stitching lately.  This last week, a  lock down week,  was plagued with annual medical revisions, which I had to attend decked out like an undercover agent, with face mask, glasses and a rain hood due to the inclemency  of the weather, and after being questioned, tested and disinfected by  a group of astronauts , was received by another astronaut who turned out to be my doctor/dentist.

So, little time for sewing, but I did manage to finish a second Blackwork  Flowers with Birds pattern by Lesley Teare

I love these pretty little designs. There are six in the collection all very bright and colourful except for the blackwork of course and bit by bit I hope to finish them all.

 I tried sewing another little notepad holder  but this time I don´t like the finish  and it will be redone in a different way.

I think it is the stitched surround which seems to limit how I wish to finish an ítem, but on all accounts  it will have to wait until after Christmas.  Too much to do right now, at this time of year the days just seem to disappear.

I was surprised by a little self sown wild flower which sprouted from a pot a couple of weeks ago and has lovely bright flowers, since this photo was taken, it is much larger now and has 7 blooms at the moment, perfect to brighten these dull worrying autumn days.

Keep safe and sound everyone.




  1. It's always delightful to see a beautiful, cheering finish when I visit here!

  2. beautiful finish and your photography, as always, is so professional. I think your little "volunteer" flower is a morning how nature works, don't you?

  3. Oh your post today is so pretty .
    I love the little note book set .
    What a pretty flower.
    Yes the time seems to go faster each day .
    I did laugh at your little story .
    Have a fun week.

  4. Hi, I do like your note pad ideas even though you say you didn't like the finish, your picture taking is lovely.
    I am off work shielding again so have time to finish some projects.
    Take care and stay safe. x

  5. Piękne ptaki zachwycają kolorami. Pozdrawiam.

  6. Thanks for joining in again! Your stitching and notepad is really sweet, but I can sympathise if you're are not completely happy; I've made a mistake with one of my FFOs, and whilst everyone would say it looks good, it's not exactly how I imagined it. Hopefully we'll see it again in the New Year with a happier Sheryl behind it! :)

  7. The bird embroideries are lovely - such gorgeous colours. We too are in lockdown and Philip had to go to the DR yesterday. No astronauts there though! Still fortunate to have low numbers in this area. Your morning glory is lovely and flowering very late, ours are all finished now. xx

  8. Yes, the days do just disappear! I love the colors on these. They are very cute.

  9. It's a bright, colourful finish. Your description of your medical visits brought a smile to my face. There are times that if we didn't laugh, we'd cry.

  10. Your visit to the doctor sounds like quite the ordeal, Sheryl! Who would have believed a year ago that we would be undergoing these ordeals. I am so hoping that the vaccine will be distributed quickly and life can return to a new normal. I'm missing peoples smiles :)

    Lovely, lovely notepad--so bright and cheerful! I hope you and your family are staying well and safe during these increasingly scary times with Covid... Take care now ♥

  11. I do like these Lesley Teare designs, such lovely bright colours. I think the notebook looks great but it may be your beautiful setting and photography!
    I had to read the description of the visit to the doctor to my husband, it made us both smile. We have to take these precautions these days.

  12. Those birds are so pretty and colorful and I like how the little touch of blackwork looks next to them. Hope you are able to finish it in a way that makes you happier.

  13. What a lovely finish Sheryl and I am glad that you are keeping well. What a pretty surprise your blooms are! Hope they continue to flower and bring you a little ray of sunshine! Christine xx

  14. Dear Sheryl,
    your birds are socute. Lovely stitching.

  15. Pretty birds, Sheryl!
    I love your new header too!
    Ha ha I like your description of going to the dentist! Hubbie and I have both been to the dentist too and we had a very similar experience! It’s good to have dental providers who care! I changed dentist in the middle of Covid because my original dentist wasn’t taking the precautions the new dental surgery were taking!
    Hope you are keeping safe and well!
    Barbara xx

  16. I love those Lesley Teare blackwork birds are gorgeous! The finish looks a bit crowded perhaps, bringing the bold fabrics so close to the edge of your stitching? It still looks wonderful, though.
    Hope your doctor's visits all went over okay!

  17. Lovely birds, this pattern is one of my favorite, love the design, the colors. Great finish. The pond froze last week but our red sage is still in flower (nobody told her we are in December). xxx


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