Thursday, 10 September 2020

Fully Finished Gallery SAL - September

Hello Stitching friends,

On the 10th of each month Rachel from Ten Hour Stitcher hosts the Fully Finished Gallery SAL, which encourages us all to completely finish and give a use to any abandoned stitching we might have.

As we are still enjoying lovely sunny days here in the north of Spain, I´m sharing a summery beach pattern started a very long time ago, around 2006 (as the magazine testifies) and which only needed 2 or 3 rows of stitching to be completely finished. By the way the magazine is Labores del Hogar.

My daughter, who paid us a surprise visit a couple of weeks ago, suggested that I used the embroidery to make a little tote bag.... which she quickly claimed when finished..

I knew I had some red striped fabric in my stash which would go perfectly with the design but it was just a scrap and I had to struggle and juggle about with the fabric to make the most of it, so the stripes are only on the front part, the back is plain neutral linen.

Another piece of red gingham was ideal for the lining but...

I hardly have any red material left in my stash at all and I´m adding the need to my grocery list pinned to the fridge, so I won´t forget to buy some before Christmas when it will definitely be needed.

Kitchen curtain update
My curtains are still on the back burner, I thought that they were nearly finished but my daughter gaily told me that they need to be a bit longer, sigh -

of course she is right.  I have the problem that the kitchen window is next to the back door window which makes uneven length curtains, one long and the other short.

But I will get there sooner or later. Enjoy a lovely week everyone.


  1. You always pick the perfect fabrics and finishing touches on all your needlework projects! Love this summer time bag. Good luck with your beautiful curtains.

  2. Oh, I love that little cross stitch. That striped fabric is perfect!

  3. Love the bag , you do have the gift of putting your work together in a lovely matching way .
    Hope you get on with your curtains ok.
    Enjoy a lovely Thursday,

  4. I always marvel at your work and your presentation of your work! Your daughter's tote turned out so pretty. I know she loves it not just because it is lovely but because you made it. As always, your photos are marvelous.

  5. Super cute bag!Your curtains look amazing!!!

  6. Sheryl your bag is adorable. I love it. I really enjoy the beach and so this stitch spoke to my heart. Your curtains are going to be gorgeous. Love the fabric so much. Have a great week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  7. Your bag is just so perfect! I love all your clever finishes-each one is "just right!"

  8. Your bag ist beautiful. The fabrics are perfect to your embroidery.
    Have a nice weekend. Manuela

  9. Love your little tote bag Sheryl! I can see why your daughter claimed it for herself! It seems to be the way with daughters, my two always seem to go home with something handmade when they come to visit me!! Have a lovely weekend! Christine xx

  10. Twoja torba jest fantastyczna!😍 Piękny haft krzyżykowy z morskim motywem. Kocham morze!!!🏄‍♀️🚢❤
    Miłego weekendu!🌞

  11. That is a lovely Summery design and perfect for the current weather. It's been nice enough to sit outside and stitch this week.
    Love the bright reds you used to make the bag too.

  12. The fabrics and the design complement each other so well.

  13. Nádherné vyšívání! Obdivuji!!!

  14. Oh, my, that bag is darling--I can see why your daughter immediately claimed it, Sheryl! And how nice that she surprised you with a visit :)

    Can't wait to see your finished curtains--I know they will be special, just like everything else you create! Enjoy this last half of September! ♥

  15. lovely tote Sheryl. Your curtains are going to be fabulous.

  16. What a brilliant use for your stitchery - a lovely little bag. xx

  17. That tote bag looks great, perfect way to show off that little beach design! How clever of your daughter to totally selfless give you the idea ;)

  18. I'm not surprised your daughter claimed the tote bag. I hope it gets admired if/when used at the beach! :)


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