Friday, 26 June 2020

Smalls SAL - June

Hello Blogging friends,

Being the last Friday of the month, I´m joining Mary of Mary´s Thread today for the Smalls SAL check-in.
Firstly I wanted to completely finish a small design stitched sometime last year and which only lacked all the seed beads.  The pattern is called Bouquet Beauty by Abi Gurden and was a free design with the Stitch Specialists Yahoo group.

The pattern is really a bit bigger than what I have made it as it actually includes another round of tiny speciality stitches, including Rhodes Diamond stitch with a Ray stitch edge, Rhodes hearts and Satin stitch leaves.

I thought the piece was large enough to make into a drawstring bag to hold my jade roller and gua sha tool, which to maintain cool, sit in the fridge amongst the peas and carrots. I added a piece of pink gingham and striped fabric to make the bag.

In the end I didn´t add the seed beads finding the embroidery detailed enough without them.

The second UFO I tackled this month is a lovely pattern which I won in a giveaway hosted by Kaye of Kitten Stitching and is called The Victorian Language of Flowers.

I have run into trouble, the pattern has a lacey border worked in white back stitch which is hardly visible on the colour fabric I chose.  The first row is worked with two threads and shows up ok but not the following rows to be done with one thread.

Not sure how I am going to finish this . . . .
Well and that is not the only problem, here is undeniable proof that I stitched mindlessly while watching the TV, since I happily embroidered the letter ` U ´ which is not included in the chart.

I will be passing on this  chart when and if I ever finish it.

Thank you all so very much for all the comments on my last post, a real joy to read, making me pleased to have returned to blogland after nearly a year.

DH just arrived with some Buddleia found on his walks, thought I might share them.



  1. What beautiful work you have made such a lovely bag .
    And the flower names so pretty .
    I always love your blog you inspire me .
    So happy you are back .

  2. Sheryl,
    your stitchings are wonderful and I am convinced you will work out the little problem.

  3. Thank you for joining the SAL! Your drawstring bag is lovely! You are always so clever at using your bits of stitching! Your flowers are beautiful! They look like Butterfly Bush sprays. Is that what they are?

    1. Yes Mary they are Buddleias or Butterfly Bush flowers.

  4. Lovely work as always. I'm glad your blogging again. Those flowers are beautiful...the colour is amazing :)

  5. Coś pięknego! Oczu nie idzie oderwać. Wspaniała praca.

  6. The buddleias your husband gifted you are lovely. It is lovely to visit your lovely place to look at your pretty embroidery, Sheryl. Such a gorgeous little drawstring bag.

  7. Lovely little bag and beautiful flowers from your husband.
    Have a nice weekend. Manuela

  8. It is such a pleasure to see your work, Sheryl...such detail.....I especially love the way you put different embellishments on the drawstrings. I looked up herbs and flowers from A-Z and in both lists is "Uva Ursi" which is used for urinary is a short quote from what I read: "Uva ursi soothes, strengthens, and tightens irritated and inflamed tissues."....just in case you want to add something to that list

  9. The single thread sections reminds me of some 1930s patterns I've seen where the idea is to create an appearance reminiscent of styles of lace. It will probably be quite strong enough to create that effect when it's completed.

  10. I am so happy that you are back blogging. Your drawstring bag is so pretty and now I have to see what a gua sha tool is! If there is not flower with a U, invent one!! The butterfly bush flowers are gorgeous!!

  11. So glad to see you've returned to us, Sheryl--we've missed you! I was up caring for my elderly mom when you last posted and couldn't comment, but I'm home now and happy to see you again. I love your little bag--you always choose the prettiest colors in your stitching.

    Hope your blogging break was restful and that you and your family are faring well with the virus mess. Take care now! ♥

  12. You find such gorgeous designs Sheryl and the finished bag is delightful especially the addition of the fobs on the drawsting. xx

  13. Beautiful stitching as always Sheryl and I love the little bag you made, what a fabulous finish! Hugs Christine xxx

  14. The little bag is a great way to use that design. I agree with the commenter who suggested adding your own flower for "u"
    The buddleia are beautiful. I call them the Butterfly Bush too!

  15. Lovely smalls! I'm very impressed with how you always find a useful way to finish your stitching. And I do agree with Jo and Mary, you should find your own U-flower to add - there are not a lot, but I did find some.

  16. A fabulous finish Sheryl! Your fabrics, lace etc are always excellent!
    I had to look up gua sha - a new one on me!
    I look forward to seeing how you finish the Victorian flowers verse!
    Lovely flowers from hubby!
    Hope you and yours are keeping safe and well!
    Barbara xx

  17. What a beautiful finish, I love the bag!
    The Language of Flowers is sweet too, I think I would use two threads for the rest of the border too, although you can see the part with one thread, it's just a little lighter. Oops for the U, but I did see a few when I googled it.
    Gorgeous flowers from your DH, what a nice surprise!

  18. Me encantan tus bordados, bellos y siempre perfectos. Me alegro que hayas vuelto.
    Un saludo cariñoso.


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