Monday, 8 June 2020

Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade - 2020

Hello Everyone,

When I read that Ida at My Sister Made Me Do It was holding another of her popular Pincushion Parades (PPPP), I thought I might pop in and take part.

Firstly, Id like to thank those of you who have contacted me regarding my disappearance from blogging ........ I had to put aside my sewing last summer to face the adversity of life´s challenges.

I haven´t got many pincushions to show which haven´t already been seen on my blog posts or past PPPPs
 but I have managed to sew a couple with this new parade in mind ........these two

with felt flowers and seed beads.
................ and this one

filled with rice, making it nice and weighty.
I also rescued a piece of abandoned embroidery and just added a beaded surround, not the best type of beads to use, but I really want to use up stash where possible.

The Berlingot Convallaria by Olga of Saolya blogspot is one of my favourites as I really enjoyed the challenge of making it, however it isn´t used as a pincushion and just sits around preening its imaginary feathers.

Another pincushion/needlebag with speciality stitches and again not used as such but saved to be gifted.

The pattern is by Anna of Allysic 

I´d make another like this one if I had more pearl buttons.

My teeny weeny pincushions

I couldn´t finish my parade without including a biscornu which took years to finish, between stopping and starting, I completed it in 2018.

The free pattern is by Erba at Casaerba

and just in case you are thinking that all my pincushions are embroidered, here´s one that my darling grandson gave me and which I use continually.

There is plenty of time to join in this parade (until the 19th) if you are tempted to do so, lots of prizes and gorgeous pincushions to see.



  1. I love your pincushions, and that last one is too cute. I also love to make pincushions, and will make a blog post later today.

  2. Piękne igielniki, każdy wyjątkowy, bardzo mi się podobają.

  3. Hi Sheryl. Good to see you back in blogland and to see your lovely pincushion parade. You really have some beauties and I love that chook! Your biscornu is gorgeous ( I have a hankering to try a biscornu) and I love the little ring pincushions. xx

  4. Sheryl it is such a pleasure to see your work! The intricate stitching and attention to detail is amazing. And then to top it off, your photography is so professional. I just love the tiny spools and tulip pins on your second photo and, are blessed with such talent. Thanks for sharing it with us by joining the parade again this year.

  5. A lovely collection of pincushions you have Sheryl but my favorite is the last one your Grandson gave you...

  6. I was so happy to see your blog pop up in the feed bar. I hope life is treating you better these days.
    I could not pick a favorite pincushion, they are all little works of art. Your attention to detail is unsurpassed!! I love the crochet edging with the pear buttons hanging. The hard anger is gorgeous, the little bag is charming, love the flowers between the stripes of cross stitching. The little ones with the felt flowers is the only one I think I have the skill to attempt!! I love how you rescue little bits of abandoned embroidery and make it into something special! You are always so inspiring and so glad to see you post. Stay well. Hugs, Mary

  7. Welcome back to blogging, Sheryl. There isn’t a pincushion you have that I don’t love. It’s amazing how many beautiful pincushions you have. I can’t even choose a favorite as they’re all amazing.

  8. Fabulous pincushions! Thank you for sharing! Happy you are back to blogging!

  9. Stunning collection in use to help you create new and beautiful things the little purse with the spider web roses is so sweet.

  10. Hi Sheryl, Glad to see you back on blogland. Your pin cushions are just gorgeous, words short fall to praise your talent.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  11. Hi Sheryl,
    just fell in love with your pincushions. They are adorable.

  12. Such fun stuff! Glad to see you - it has been a while. Hope you are well.

  13. That's what I call "a parade", happy to watch it and love all the pincushions. Must say the one which open this show with the blue and red tiny flowers are really lovely. Amitiés. xxx

  14. Oh my goodness! You have the most amazing pincushion collection! I fell in love with the first two with felt flowers and beads. They are just so sweet. I can't tell you how much I like all of your contributions though. Such a neat collection.

  15. Sheryl your work is always spectacular. I'm glad to see you back blogging. I really love the little purse idea but my fave is the one your grandson gave you :)

  16. Amazing works of art!!!Love seeing them!Hugs and blessings!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. So good to see you back Sheryl.
    I missed you.
    You have so much talent , and I am grateful your back to share it with us.
    All of the pin cushions are so beautiful.
    Enjoy your week hugs June.

  19. Everything is beautiful, I love it!

  20. Good to hear from you again. What a delightful parade!

  21. These are so pretty! I love them all. You have a such a great collection! I especially love your teeny weeny cute!!

  22. Nice to hear from you.
    All the pincushions are so beautiful.

  23. I enjoyed my visit with you and seeing all your wonderful pincushions. I agree that the one should be allowed to preen - I wouldn't be sticking pins into that one either! The very last one made me smile.

  24. So many beautiful pincushions, that chicken is adorable!

  25. Lovely post to come back with. I really like the little felt flowers on the first two. The lace and buttons is wonderful too.
    The chicken is almost as cute as the one your grandson gave you!

  26. Your first two pincushions are so sweet, but I absolutely love them all!
    I love seeing all your speciality stitches, they are so pretty! The chicken is amazing, and he wouldn’t have a pin in him if he lived at my house either! Cute pincushion from your grandson too!
    Glad you made it back to blogland for the PPPP!
    Barbara xx

  27. Hola yo de alfileteros y bordados muy poco sé pero mi Amiga Eli del Ovillo de Eli me dijo que participara y aquí estoy viendo la belleza de alfiletero que tienes una preciosidad felicidades!!


  28. Glad to read from you again! What a lovely collection of pincushions.

  29. Hi Sheryl! Qué preciosos son todos los alfileteros! los de punto de cruz y la gallina, me encantan todos!!

  30. What beautiful pincushions! I can not pick a favorite they are all so pretty!


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