Sunday 25 November 2018

Slow Progress

Hi Everyone,

Before this month of November, which I´m convinced is having only a handful of days this year instead of the traditional 30, draws to an end, I´m hoping to complete a few Christmas projects which at the moment seem to have practically ground to a halt.

My stick men are nearly finished, bodies completed but lacking their scarves which were last seen years ago in the dark depths of the Xmas decorations box, yet to be retrieved from the storeroom.

I searched all over town without luck for a length of narrow green cording as our local needlework shop failed me, having every colour cording under the sun except green which had sold out.  I don´t like the second option for my calendar - you can see in the photo the different sizes and the larger size covers my embroidery a bit, so I can´t finish this work yet....perhaps I will leave off the cording.

In the Dreaded Drawer I found three embroidered Christmas trees, free patterns from the Internet which I stitched along with others a few years back to enclose in greeting cards but three didn´t get sent, so I have been completing the cards.

My crochet bells need starching and I am yet to find a polystyrene form or similar to shape properly the  bells, we only have a few too tiny decorations at home and our local Chinese bazaar, stocking a thousand and one lovely decorations, has no bells at all.  I´m following a free pattern by Katy at ergahandmade.

However not all is gloom and doom as Christmas is still a month away so hopefully these projects and  others will all get finished in time as these two hearts.

Patterns by Renato Parolin, also stitched last year and now with some added beads, are ready for display.

Hope you are all making progress with your Christmas stitching, I´m a bit behind with blogging visits and hope to catch up this week and see what you are all up to.


  1. I love your Christmas Hearts! I'm always impressed that some stitchers send out cross stitch cards. I hope the recipients are cross stitch lovers, all that work must not go unappreciated. THe bells will be darling. I have a few crochet stars my Mom made for me tree. I cherish them.

  2. Beautiful stitching and the patterns are lovely.

  3. I always feel tempted to make cross stitch cards for Xmas, but usually manage to stop myself in time!
    Lovely post Sheryl! You have a lot of wonderful stitching there! Thank you for sharing, they are all gorgeous!
    Barbara xx

  4. Lovely stitching! The heart ornaments turned out wonderful.

  5. I have no worries that you will complete your projects...lots more day left! And, you always do such a good job with everything you make. I love your hearts Sheryl. They are so pretty and will look beautiful hanging in your home. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  6. Wonderful stitching projects.

  7. Hi Sheryl such beautiful work my friend,you are amazing,well done. cheers Shez xx

  8. I'm sure you will find what you need to finish these beautiful decorations.

  9. You have lots of projects on the go there Sheryl. All very pretty - the bells will be gorgeous! xx

  10. Lovely ornaments Sheryl.
    Every thing you make always looks so beautiful.

    I have loads on the go for Christmas but my finishing will have to be after Christmas for next year I can't stress myself any more I am just to busy.

  11. Love all your Christmas stitching! Those hearts look wonderful.

  12. Could you make your own cord with pearl cotton?

  13. The stick men are adorable. A friend makes the crochet bell type ornaments , I wonder what she used to block hers into shape?
    Always pretty things to see when I visit with you sheryl.

  14. You have a lot of pretty Christmas projects going on! I hope all the issues will be sorted out for some lovely finishes.

  15. Have you thought about making your own cording? It's very easy and I'm sure you can find a good tutorial on YouTube. You're working on beautiful projects!

  16. Looks like a month of creativity for you, Sheryl! It really did fly by, didn't it? I swear the older I get the faster time moves...

    I agree with Jackie--making your own cording is easy and the only way to find the perfect color. I have a Kreinik corder, but you can also make it with an electric mixer or drill!

    Really love all of your projects, but I have a soft spot for little gnome-like creatures so your little stick men look adorable :) Hope you are finding time to finish them up along with your other beautiful works in progress! Enjoy your weekend, Sheryl!

  17. Your little Christmas gnomes are adorable! The heart finishes are great too. They'll look so pretty wherever they hang.

    Finding the right shape to block things over is really tough. Could you block the bells in sections with a balloon? Start with a smaller balloon for the inner part then have a fatter balloon for the bell end?

  18. Your little guys are adorable so far, I hope you get to finish them soon.
    The trees are so sweet, I especially love the kitty one!
    The hearts look great and the bells look good so far.
    You're on a roll with finishing!

  19. Lots of lovely projects. I would leave the cording off as I think it looks great without any extra green. I love your little Christmas trees x


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