Sunday, 7 December 2014

Lizzie Kate

Already a week into December and I can see that this month is just going to disappear and I am not going to have time to do all that I want to do.  I have been trying to get a few small UFO´s sewn up into Christmas gifts and also sort out my odds and ends of work scattered around the house before the beginning of the new year.
Checking back over old posts, I realise that I never posted a progress update or a final photo of the design A Good Marriage by Lizzie Kate, which I started many months ago and on having seen the framed result in the house of the young lady for whom it was made. I haste to amend.

I bought the pattern last year and started stitching in January.

....... looks a really easy design but I made lots of small errors, I suppose that is what comes of trying to watch episodes of Downton Abbey on the TV and stitching at the same time and I had to do quite a bit of unpicking.

We chose a blue frame as it is one of the dominating colours and also complements the room where it is at the moment hanging.

I see that most blogger buddies already have their homes decorated for Christmas and their trees adorned whilst my sad forlorn tree is still waiting in the basement  to be rescued ..........must get moving. 
                           Thank you for passing by.



  1. Sheryl,
    this is beautiful and I still no not have my Christmas decorations up. So don't get yourself in a rush, if the world is still turning, we do not have a problem.

  2. So beautiful; the frame is perfect. Lovely stitch.

  3. This is a beautiful piece Sharyl. I've looked at it many times. I'm sure the young lady who now has it will appreciate and cherish these wise words :) you did a great job with the stitching

  4. Yes...I agree with everyone else. This really is nice. Lovely stitching and the frame a nice accent color.

  5. Such a beautiful finish! And thanks for reminding me that I have it in my stash too! I would love to stitch this, maybe this year!! Laura

  6. This looks really beautiful!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. Once again your stitching is lovely, Sheryl. The blue frame completes it perfectly! Have a lovely week spreading some festive cheer around your lovely home!

  8. very nice stitching

  9. Beautiful stitchery, Sheryl! Some of us are waiting for Hubby to get on with the tree and decorations. Yep, that's right, I gave it away years ago, and he got to enjoy getting the house ready for Christmas, while I concentrate on BAKING :)

  10. Lovely work and such a nice gift:)

    You are not alone. I have not even thought about putting up our tree yet.

  11. Such a pretty piece, Sheryl--it looks like it must have been enjoyable to stitch even with the parts you ended up doing twice :)

    I spent most of the day decorating and finally got my tree all done--it's so nice to see my old ornament "friends" again each year!

  12. The blue frame does make it pop and it is quite pretty! I started my tree on Sunday, and finished yesterday. Still have the small stitched ornament tree to do upstairs... Maybe today!


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