Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What not to do

Hello everyone,

It rained this past weekend, so I decided to reduce some of my stash by making a couple of mug rugs, which always make nice gifts and if you don´t spend hours like me, on deciding the colour combinations, can be cut out and sewn quite quickly..... that is ...... if you don´t need any applique paper.
I had very little, so off I wobbled (due to sprained ankle) to our local ` enter at your own risk´ patchwork shop and this is of course just what you should not do.  If you have children, send them or your husband, a neighbour or anyone who won´t be tempted by a wicker basket full of very pretty fat quarters in blues, creams, reds and tans, all just sitting there saying ¨buy me, I´m perfect for your mug rugs¨.  Of course I loved the reds but contrarily bought some blues.

  then I found  cream and  green fabrics in  my stash.


and the chocolate cake coloured fabric also.  Did I mention that I nearly left the shop without the applique paper? so pleased as I was by the new fatties and some pen refills.

  I noticed with interest that the iron-on adhesive is American and called Heat n´ Bond, the first time I have seen it here and it costs 6,30 euros a metre.  I wonder how that compares with prices in other countries?  Really must remember to buy it online because if I buy fabric every time I really just need the applique paper, it certainly works out expensive. 

Until next time.



  1. Oh how could you say no those lovely fatties! They stitched up beautifully indeed :)

  2. I love your mug rugs!!!

    I've never used Heat n' Bond but 6.30 euros is $9.15 Canadian. A bit pricey for a metre. I went on line and on Amazon.ca I can but some 17 inches by 5 1/4 yards for $11.69....plus of course shipping which is always expensive. It always annoys me when the shipping is more that the item I'm buying:(

  3. I think I would be in the same dangerous situation when entering a quilt shop or a stitching store. Fortunately there aren't any in my region, lol. But at least you used two of the febircs that were already in your stash, lol.
    Your mug rugs are just gorgeous!!

  4. The mug rugs are so cute!! Well done - and a-HEM! I always end up purchasing other things that strike my fancy…..you know, things I absolutely CAN'T live without - HA!
    P.S. Hope your ankle is better

  5. Lucky me: there aren't many shopping spots to tempt me locally, Sheryl. Saves me from TOO much impulse buying :) Your sweet "rugs" looks scrumptious!

  6. Be careful! If it's Heat n Bond you can't sew through it... believe me, i tried! It's ok if it's Heat n Bond Lite - but without that Lite, don't try to sew through it, it'll ruin your project and your needle.

  7. I like to use Steam a Seam Light 2. My local sewing shop sells it for about the same price or a little higher however they do have 50% sales fairly regularly so that is when I buy it. I've heard that Heat n Bond is very difficult to stitch so I've not used it. Misty Fuse is another option. It is very light and you don't get the heavy build-up that you get with other fusing products. Plus in addition to the white it is also available in black.

  8. no acierto a mandarte los mensages, un saludo

  9. era de prueba, el anterior, me encantaron los mantelitos individuales, fijate que la taza estaba hecha por ti, jijiji , es que tus trabajos son tan increibles que ya veo haasta lo que no es. mis mejores deseos para que te mejores pronto. un beso .

  10. Love your mug rugs; especially the tea cup and tea pot one. How nice to use when having a cup of tea and maybe a little snack too.


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