Wednesday 16 July 2014

My First Biscornu

A lovely afternoon, with nothing planned, so how about a quiet afternoon stitching?  perfect as long as you don´t sit anywhere remotely near your sewing machine or you might be hesitantly approached by DH with three pairs of new trousers to be altered. " had you forgotten?"  well no....and while diligently taking up the trouser bottoms, asked "Did you repair my jacket pocket?" ....ah well, er... the pocket through which all and sunder disappeared during the winter? ... ah. well, there goes my quiet afternoon stitching.

This is the first biscornu that I made years ago, the Rhodes Butterfly biscornu by the Sweetheart Tree  Some cross stitching, diamond eye stitch, rhodes butterfly stitch and lots of backstitching.

I added pretty pink beads to the side seams and although started out as a gift, when finished I liked it so much that I kept it for myself.

I used a darker green that mentioned in the pattern and added a piece of ribbon so to hang the pincushion from my sewing machine.  There is also a lovely little design for a scissor fob, which I might get to make one day.

This week I noticed with annoyance that yet again my posted comments to other blogs show me as <no-reply>  This is the third time that this has happened since Christmas.  Google + randomly resets my settings every month. WHY does it insist on doing this? 
            Thank you for visiting.



  1. Sorry, I can't be of help with the No Reply blogger thing, but wanted to tell you I love your Biscornu. It is just sweet. I can certainly see why you would keep it for yourself!
    Enjoy its use!

  2. Such a sweet little biscornu. I never made one but have lots of freebie patterns which I collected back then when biscornus came up. Whenever I see a lovely one like yours I'm determined to make one myself. But then something else comes my way ...

    I have no idea what happens there at Google+ but I find it very strange that they chnage the settings without your consent.

  3. The biscornu is lovely! A matching scissor fob would be nice.

  4. The biscornu is so sweet! Love the colors and your idea to have it handy at your sewing machine.

  5. What a lovely lovely biscornu....!!

  6. Very pretty:) No wonder you kept it. I would.

    No idea how to help with Google +. I tried to remove myself from it and I think I was successful. I found it annoying. Don't ask me how I did it because I don't remember.

  7. That biscornu is gorgeous. I had to turn off my google+ profile because it wouldn't let me post nicely. Now if I want to share something on google + I just add myself manually.


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