Friday, 28 February 2014

Sorry Blogger Buddies

Just a note to the fellow bloggers who yesterday generously spent time on leaving comments on my last post.  A technician was here sorting out my `no-reply´ mail issue and google+ automatically updated my comment box and made it ONLY available to google+ bloggers.  On returning to the normal comment box, the existing made comments were lost, sorry about that.
Until next week.    


  1. and a quick test... yes I can comment! We have success! I suppose we just need to find out now if you're a no-reply commenter... If you click on my name, it will take you to my blog, if you leave a quick comment, I'll have a look to see if you are no reply.

  2. Not in a position to comment on the intricacies of google+ but it makes me sad that I cannot comment on the blogs with a google+ comment box as I don't want it to take over all of my commenting, log-ins or to define how I interact with blogs. I am not a google hater but find it very intrusive and I am unwilling to sign up to it. Like many people I have different log ins for different purposes like home or work matters and blithely signing away that right just to comment on someone's latest post seems a high price.

    Hope your tech has got things sorted.

  3. " loose my hair, sleep badly, grind my teeth, have tachycardia and increase frown lines ( =) . Sigh. " but ... apart from that you're fine? ;)

  4. Darn, I wish everyone used google plus comments. I love having my different email accounts linked but I don't think you have to link them. I have just created another empty circle in google plus to save links to all the fab you tube sewing videos I find.
    Everyone's favourite no-reply blogger :D

  5. One of my favorite bloggers updated to Google+ and I can't leave comments unless I update also, but I am wary of doing that in case it causes me problems. I don't like updates at all. Tammy


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