Friday, 7 February 2014

Kitty Kats

I´m still making my way through the `Grow Your Blog´ list, with loads more visits to make and I also want to return to others for a better  read and not just a quick visit as being made at the moment. 

While making visits, I notice that there are a lot of pet lovers out there and am intrigued to see how many pets creep into the bloggers´ posts and effortlessly try their hand at modelling, sporting innumerable positions, eying the camera with professionalism and posing on all types of needlework as though to give their unbiased approbation.

Some time ago I made myself a cat themed ipad cover, a bit worn and dull now as I am cautious about washing and ironing it due to the different threads and fabrics used.

I enjoy using metallic threads and mixing different fabrics. I´m always on the look out for unusual remnants.

So I sorted through some beads

and sequins to make the cat´s faces.

The inside is lined with a black velvety type of fabric so the ipad doesn´t get scratched.

 There is still time to enter my giveaway before the draw on the 15th FEBRUARY, so if you haven´t entered yet, visit my `Grow Your Blog´ post and leave a comment there.

See you next week.


  1. I'm still making my way through the list! When I've done that, I want to visit all my new followers an then my commenters to make sure I haven't missed any of them! It's going to take forever!
    for the ipad case, could you steam it rather than press it. Mine has a powerful steam setting and I can hold it above the item, not touching and blast it with steam, that gets the wrinkles out.

  2. p.s. did you know you've got word verification on?

    1. HI Wendy, The steaming is a good idea. I didn´t know I had the word verification on but I have computer issues at present and will try and sort it out. :-)

  3. Very nice:) I like how you got all the different expressions on the cats faces.

  4. I'm still working my way through the list on GYB too. So many interesting people.

  5. How cute your cats and so well sewn. I love them.

  6. I love your sweet little case, Sheryl (I'm the human slave of two kitties, myself).

    With regards to GYB, I am working very slowly through the list. I would prefer to give each blog due consideration before deciding whether to follow, and I'm not known for my haste :)

  7. Oh my goodness!!! How cute these Kittie's are!!!

    Have 2 daughter's that are True Cat Person's...after this Momma of course!! giggle.....

  8. hace tiempo que no cotilleaba por estos lares, y cuan grata es la sorpresa, esos lindos gatitos, esas sirenas, y por supuesto el armario de ropa que tendriamos para nuestras muñecas si tuvieramos esas manos que sheryl posee, son diamantes, da gusto verlo rematado que estan todos los trabajos, solo de pensar las horas, que les dedica, no tiene precio, pero si pensamos lo bien que te viene hacerlo y lo feliz que eres al realizar esas obras maestras , merece la pena. eres un genio. en todo lo que te propongas. gracias por enseñarnos tus creaciones.

  9. Hello Sheryl, nice to meet you again :) Your kitties are so cute.
    best wishes

  10. Great iPad cover. The kitties are so cute. Each with its own personality. I'm not able to keep up with the blog party at all. Gosh, so many blogs, so little time. Hard to keep it all organized. I don't know how Vicki managed it all. Best wishes, Tammy


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