Monday, 6 September 2021

Let the People Choose - September

 Hello Stitching Friends,

Today I´m joining Jo of Serendipitous Stitching for the SAL called `Let the People Choose´.

This month´s theme is Sewing, so I delved into my files to see what I could find.  Practically all the embroidery that I do is eventually sewn into something more or less useful, so here I will endeavour to show items with more sewing than embroidery.

This is a quillow - that is a blanket/quilt which folds into itself to become a pillow.  I made it years ago when my youngest grandson was born.

For another grandson, I made a quilt based on the storybook `The Bremen Musicians´.

I copied the fun illustrations by Petra Steinmeyer.

I was inspired by some cute mice from another storybook and after dressing them up a bit, made my sewing machine cover.

A  couple of tote bags, one was gifted to a friend and the other smaller beach tote was claimed by my daughter.

I´ll leave all the table runners and place mats for another day and finish this post with my favourite patchwork cushion.

Bye for now.



  1. I'm intrigued by the idea of a "quillow", and I love the ones you've done!

  2. What a wonderful variety of projects you've made, Sheryl! I can see why the last pillow is your favorite--such amazing detail in that one, right down to the jewels around the King's neck. Your work is always so special. Hope September is going well so far! ♥

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  4. Your quilting is wonderful! You've made some really fun and vibrant things!

  5. You have amazing talent ,all your work is so beautiful .
    Always love to see your work .

  6. So many wonderful works with so many wonderful little details. Wow!

  7. Oh my, so much glorious applique and patchwork you showcase here, Sheryl! The quillow is adorable and as for the `The Bremen Musicians´ quilt, it is amazing! Love that you used the illustrations of Petra Steinmeyer for your inspiration. I can imagine the fantastical dreams your grandson has/had sleeping under this beautiful quilt. Love the cushion, too. Such fun! The totes, the sewing machine cover......all are fabulous!

  8. Love the quilts and your sewing machine cover is so cute!

  9. I made several quillows over the year and loved them all. As always, your projects are lovely works of art, showing that you can do just about everything!

  10. Thanks for taking part in The People's Choice this month. I love all your projects, especially the Bremen Musicians and the Royal Wedding cushion! Such a funny design and so beautifully made.

  11. What wonderful sewing projects you have made Sheryl! The quilts are a lot of fun but my favourite is the last cushion too! Hope you're having a lovely weekend! Christine xx

  12. Dear Sheryl, your grandson's quilts are just amazing, beautiful applique. You make such wonderful things.

  13. Sheryl, Your talent never ceases to amaze me!! The detail in all of your projects is beyond impressive!!! I cannot believe the detail in the Castle pillow, how you captured the faces alone is just amazing. It is truly a royal treasure!! Love your sewing machine cover and the quilts are so special. I hope they are passed from generation to generation. You are truly a talented artist!!

  14. Wow, your sewing is amazing! I especially love the Bremen Musicians quilt.

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