Monday, 9 August 2021

Let the People Choose - August

 Hello Blogging friends,

Jo of Serendipitous Stitching hosts the SAL called  `Let the People Choose´, celebrated on the first Saturday of each month. This month our theme is Books, so do join us if you would like to show any stitching you have done about this subject.

Years ago  I made a fabric book of embroidery stitches for my granddaughter.

It has lots of pages and is full of colourful stitches and small embroidered details.

I also endeavoured one day to cover a folder to hold some ribbons and laces.

And make a couple of small books as gifts. A small heart with speciality stitches and ribbon roses.

And a pattern by Veronique Enginger where I have actually embroidered a tiny book! I think it must be the only one stitched that I have found in my files.

Irish crochet bookmarks. A lovely pattern by Anne Potts to which  I added tiny crochet flowers  with beads and leaves to add some color.

An elastic bookmark I made from a hardanger design by Mabel Figworthy.

Another little notebook cover which I embroidered copying part of a drawing found in my grandad´s sketchbook.

I seem to have a whole collection of embroidered needlebooks too, but I´ll leave those for another day and lastly include here a book cover made following a design by Marie Suarez.

Thank you for stopping by and looking.    



  1. Thanks for taking part in The People's Choice this month. You have stitched so many beautiful books. I remember the one for your daughter very well.
    I love the dancing people from your grandad's drawings, I'd like to learn more about that project.

  2. Ooh. Great books! I think the bookmarks are my favorite, though! :-)

  3. Sheryl, truly, there are no words to describe the exquisiteness of everything you so beautifully embroider and fashion. Each tiny little stitch takes my breath away♡ The fabric book you so lovingly stitched for your granddaughter is amazing....but then, so is everything you have shown us today. How I would love to turn each page of your granddaughter's little book and finger each one of those sublime stitches. Just look at that sweet little bear peeking from behind the page. Such beauty♡

  4. Sheryl, your work is fantastic , you have some real talent .
    Please show us more ,I love all your work .

  5. Wow Sheryl, so many wonderful and different books and bookmarks.
    I love them.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  6. I so enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful "book" themed stitching, Sheryl. It is all so beautifully done and delicate looking. I especially love your granddaughter's book--how precious. It will be treasured I'm sure! The little blue book you made to hold the lace is so sweet, too. Honestly, I could go on and on, but you are truly a talented, talented needleworker! Thanks for sharing ♥

  7. Sherly, I am in awe of all your book projects. The detail and care you put into each and every project is truly astounding!! The stitching book you designed for your grandaughter is my favorite of all these wonderful projects. I am sure she will always treasure such a thoughtful gift. I totally agree with Carol, you are a truly talented needleworker!!

  8. Wow! Sheryl there are some fabulous makes here! I really enjoyed looking through them all but I particularly liked the embroidered version of your Grandad's sketchbook. Hope you have a wonderful week! Christine xx

  9. What a gorgeous collection! I love the "note"book with the little note people. That is a darling design. Your grandfather was clever! And the crochet bookmarks are really fabulous!

  10. You are very creative Sheryl! I love the book of stitches. And what a gorgeous way to keep track of your ribbon! The crochet bookmarks are beautiful! You are a fabulous stitcher!

  11. Goodness, what a beautiful collection of books you Have. Lovely to see, thank you. xx

  12. You've found a lot that is book-related there. The book for your granddaughter is a triumph!

  13. Those are definitively the kind of books I want on my shelves. All are great, but I'm like Jo and want to know ALL about this cover with waltz dancers. Love V. Engiger exquisite pattern and very fond of all poppies stitching. xxx

  14. Wow, that fabric book is stunning, and I love all the other book covers and book marks too! Great job.

  15. Hello there!

    You can do a lot with your hands. i love your cross stitchwork, well done! Big x

  16. Wow! Such beautiful projects.

  17. Wspaniałe prace, bardzo mi się podobają okładki, a zakładka z hardangerem jest prześliczna :)


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