Thursday, 7 January 2021

Something Warm

 Hello and a very  Happy New Year to Everyone,

I thought twice about getting up this morning as my phone showed - 4º C, so I had a lazy cuppa while watching the news and only decided to get up when the sun started to enter my windows an hour later.

It´s been very cold lately and I had to find my lap rugs. I found one that I had knitted for my mum-in-law years ago and when she passed away, it was returned to me and I don´t think I ever showed it on my blog.

I wanted to use up some wool stash at the time and just knitted small squares in a variety of different stitches, some fancier than others.

I knitted two blankets at the same time, one mainly blue with a couple of pinky squares and the other all greens and beiges for myself, both with different but very simple crochet edgings.


Maybe it´s time I made some different lap rugs something a bit more ambitous

I always enjoy knitting or doing some crochet in winter and my wool stash seems as large as ever… how could that be?

Thank you for stopping by.



  1. Something warm like that is definitely needed at the moment. Your little puppy seems more than happy to reside in them when you are not! So cute!! :)

  2. Es el destino de las tejedoras, el alijo lanero nunca baja de tamaño🤣🤣
    Las dos mantas son bonitas, pero la verde me encanta ya que es mi color favorito. BESICOS.

  3. Oh, I love a lady who has much too much yarn, fabric etc in their stash. Such beautiful lap rugs you so lovingly fashioned. Your mum's one is gorgeous; such pretty pastel colours. The sweet photos, Sheryl.

  4. Pretty knitting, and I love that little puppy. He looks comfy. :-)

  5. I think they are ambitous... and beautiful!

  6. I love your lap tops ,I find they are so useful this time of the year .
    Yours are so pretty and just love the extra detail you always put in your work.
    Happy New Year.

  7. You certainly need a lap top this time of year

  8. Very pretty knitting Sheryl!
    Cute puppy! I love your African Violets!
    Nice lap blankets, they should help keep you warm.
    Hope you are keeping safe!
    Barbara xx

  9. It's my belief that stash simply breeds!

  10. The two lap rugs are so pretty, nice usage of your spare wools.

  11. I always wanted to make a project like - I have so many books of knitting/crochet stitches I'll never use for something otherwise, but it'd be nice to practice them like this!

  12. Oh, those look so warm and cozy, Sheryl! I have been reading about the snow in Spain! Have you gotten any in your area? Our days are very cold, but at least the sun is shining today--what a difference a sunny day can make in my mood :) Have a wonderful week ahead ♥

  13. They are both very pretty! I am with you when the mornings are chilly; I just want to lay under the covers for as long as I can. Personally I think the stash multiples when you leave it in your craft area and leave it alone for a while. I don't understand it but I don't complain either! 😊

  14. Sheryl, Love your pretty lap rugs. Knitting different patterns must have made it much more challenging but certainly more interesting and the finish is lovely. Stay warm and stay safe. Mary

  15. Those lap rugs are great. I have an over sized scarf I use instead! It's far too big to be worn but perfect for my lap.

  16. Nice knitting, great way to test new stitches and associate colors (I love the green one a lot). DD3 proposed an "pixel art" wool blanket but I'm supposed to knit all the squares! xxx


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