Wednesday, 21 October 2020


 Hi everyone,

A lovely  sunny day here in the north of Spain with only  the growing coronavirus situation and  political discrepancies clouding the day.  Best not to listen to more than the News headlines and get working on some Halloween stitching. I thought that today I might  share  one of my finished blackwork patterns by Lesley Teare.

This is one of her Blackwork with Birds patterns and I really love the bright pretty colours

As my tiny pocket notebook could enjoy a surprise, I found some tiny scraps of bright fabric and joined them to the embroidery to make  a little cover  and then  added tiny seed beads to the embroidered flowers although they don´t show up much.

 I have at last, more or less finished my kitchen curtains after having started them last year – I´m obviously not suited  to making large ítems as they tend to fall by the wayside.

They are really only decorative and just hang at the sides of the windows as one window is immediately above the sink and the other is the glass back door. Well you can see by the photos what I mean.  Having them drawn closed would  mean one hanging in midair.

I didn´t buy  any fabric at all for these curtains, just used pieces of old curtains , embroidered handkies,  bits of crochet,  lace trims and odds and ends.

Apart from the inconvenience of sheer fabrics that slip and slide all the time when measured or sewn, I was most concerned that the seams be as small as possible and all edges hidden  or covered with a lace trim

 Most flats in our building have one short curtain and one long and I started to make a longer one for the door but it looked wrong and I didn´t continue. I´m still wondering what sort of valance to make.

 And lastly I must show you  the wonderful pattern that June of Butterfly Wings has sent me.

  It is called The Queen´s Treasure Chest and includes yummy ribbons and threads.  Quite a large project which will keep me busy in the new year.  Thank you very much June.

Hope to see you all again next week for Jo´s Trick or Treat Halloween Blog Hop. All information on her blog here.



  1. what a lovely notepad cover. You do such exquisite work! And your curtains came out great. I love that you repurposed so many vintage pieces. Looking forward to seeing the Queen's Treasure Chest finish.

  2. The notepad cover has worked very well indeed!

  3. Aah yes....Corona Virus and political unrest always puts a damper in one's day. LOVE the notepad cover. The blackwork embroidery is gorgeous and orange and pink are always the best of friends. I must say I have the widest smile when I look at your beautiful curtains fashioned from all your pretty laces and bits. Why, I believe a curtain such as this makes a window shine!

  4. Oh, what fun curtains! They look great. Love the notebook cover,too.

  5. Congratulations for persevering and finishing your curtains; a clever way of using up lots of scrap pieces too good for throwing away.
    Your little bird note book cover is cute too. :)

  6. I love the little notepad. It's so pretty. Congratulations on finishing your curtains.

  7. Both are adorable,your gorgeous curtains and that cute bird!Congratulations!

  8. Love the note book beautiful stitching .
    Your curtains are just beautiful,
    Hope you enjoy working on your gift.
    Have a lovely week.

  9. Wonderful finish and the bird is really cute.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  10. Just love your bright cross stitch notepad cover Sheryl and I think your curtains look fabulous! Christine xx

  11. I love the curtains! But the birdie is sweet too.

  12. Gorgeous notebook cover - I love pink and orange! I do like the curtains - great project. xx

  13. I love your little notebook cover. This is such a nice series, I have enjoyed seeing DJ stitch them too.
    The curtains look beautiful, great way to use smaller pieces of lace and fabric.
    I think every country is suffering in the same way, except for New Zealand - they have a wonderful election result and have conquered Covid too. Oh for a decent Prime Minister here!

  14. Love your very neat blackwork which I have tried and know it isn't easy. Also how clever you are to make those curtains. Very pretty!

  15. Wspaniała praca! Przepiękne kolory, uwielbiam blackwork😍

  16. Your notepad cover is gorgeous - I love how bright and colourful it is. What a clever way to make your curtains

  17. You did a good job with your curtains. Your notebook cover is cheerful and colourful.

  18. Your notepad cover is really pretty Sheryl. I love the blackwork!
    You did a really neat job of those curtains, ideal for using up all those vintage pieces!
    I’m looking forward to joining in with the Halloween blog hop too!
    Barbara xx

  19. You found the perfect fabric to match your lovely notebook, it looks fantastic together.
    Your curtains turned out beautifully, true originals! How wonderful to use what you had and not have to buy anything.
    Oh wow, that Treasure Chest looks so pretty and delicate, I'm looking forward to seeing you work on it.

  20. That little blackwork bird is lovely, but your curtains are just gorgeous! Great job finishing them.

  21. Dear Sheryl,
    lovely finishes. The notebook is so cute and your curtains turned out perfect, as usual. Love your new giftet pattern.

  22. Your little notebook cover is darling, Sheryl--beautifully stitched as always. And I love how you repurposed old linens to create those one-of-a-kind curtains! They are simply lovely--very special indeed!

    Take care now as I heard the coronavirus cases were rising in Spain (well, I guess that's true of everywhere). So tired of this thing, but glad I have my stitching to keep me happy at home. ♥

  23. What a pretty notepad cover. I'm a real color person, so this is a perfect piece for me to just look at and admire. A lovely job indeed. I also like your curtain. What a great idea to make them the way you did. Very pretty.


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