Sunday, 13 January 2019

The People´s Choice - January

My first blog post of 2019 and so I´d like to wish all fellow bloggers and visitors a very Happy New Year.

`Let the People Choose´ is a SAL hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching and celebrated on the first Saturday of each month.  I´m late in checking- in as I was away over the new year.  The theme for this month is New Starts.

I joined a HAL - Hardanger-a-Long hosted by Mamen of Carpacar at the beginning of December  called HAL Ateneo and managed to stitch the first blocks before Christmas and my short holiday get-away.

We returned home by train and I didn´t think that I would be able to get much stitching done but I was wrong.  A lot of Kloster blocks were embroidered during the five hour journey, then I worked on the blanket stitch surround.

and the orange square stitch worked diagonally.

The design is worked on 32ct. Zweigart Belfast linen using DMC perlé threads #5, #8 and #12.  I left my comfort zone colourwise and am using: off white, green and orange.  Hopefully I will like the finished result.

I am now cutting and pulling the threads ready to do the next step.

I´m way behind with my blog visits and comments and hope to catch up this weekend and see what everyone is stitching.
 Thank you for looking.



  1. A lovely and Happy New Year to you, Sheryl. Oh my, your hardanger embroidery is beautiful. Yes it is different from your pretty pastels BUT oh how fabulous your embroidery is! How fun to be able to do so much of this pretty on the train. I look forward to more gorgeous visits to your pretty place this year♥

  2. Wow this looks so difficult to me because it has so many different stitches. AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Wow a wonderful start. I like it very much.
    Happy New Year. Manuela

  4. This is beautiful Sheryl. I really like the different colours and can't wait to see the finished project! Christine x

  5. I like the way it is coming together, and the colours are lovely!

  6. This is going to be gorgeous - I love the colours. Happy New Year Sheryl. xx

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family Sheryl.
    Your work is just beautiful , love the colours too.

  8. Leaving your comfort zone is scary sometimes! You always do beautiful work no matter the color, though. Hardanger still scares me but perhaps I do not have sharp enough scissors (they are all vintage)! Happy New Year to you and I love the little "gem tree" in your pictures. Was it the inspiration for color?

  9. Eeek! So good to hear of someone else stitching on the train ..... though your train journey was longer than any of mine!
    Absolutely love this Sheryl, such beautiful stitching!
    Like Rosey, I don't think I'd have suitable scissors ..... but actually I'd be too scared to cut!
    Happy New Year to you too Sheryl.
    Barbara xxx

  10. I wised I could say I was stitching. 😊
    Such talent!! If I had only a small amount of yours I would be delighted.
    You certainly made good use of your train ride.
    Lovely to visit with you as always.

    Have a beautiful week♡

  11. Wow that is totally amazing work! I love the way it's coming together. A 5 hr train ride! I think it's about a 4 hr train ride from here to Brisbane but I've yet to do it!

  12. A beautiful start! I think the colours are great!

  13. Oh WOW ... that is so very pretty. I really need to try hardanger again.

  14. That's a lovely new start! The colours are super pretty.

  15. Whenever I want to see something truly beautiful I come to your blog. Your work is always so gorgeous and a joy to see. Love your new project. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  16. Thanks for taking part in The People's Choice. This is a stunning piece, beautiful colours. I am looking forward to seeing it progress.

  17. Oh, this is truly amazing, Sheryl! I hope you had a wonderful time away... I was up visiting my mom last week and am way behind of visiting blogs as well. Today is a snowy, icy day, though, so I have time for some leisurely visits. Hope things are warmer and sunnier in Spain ♥

  18. And a Happy New Year to you!
    Oh wow, this piece is so beautiful, the colours look great together!


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