Sunday, 23 November 2014

Last Roses

I´m a bit late with my post this week due to having visitors, planning a scavenger hunt, making a birthday cake and so forth.  However, I managed to take photos a few days ago, when glancing out of the window on a gloomy dark cloudy afternoon,  I spied two forlorn pink roses struggling against the sudden downpour of rain and went out to rescue them.  Couldn´t let the heavy rain spoil such beauty, so I found some odds and ends of my crochet work to offset the very last of this year´s roses.

I haven´t done much crochet work lately but in past years have made several borders for sheets and pillowcases. 

Here is a different edging found in the magazine Labores. 

These borders are quick to make and easy to take with you when out and about in case you have five minutes to add a few rows and they make such a difference added to sheets.

I added a few beads to the above pillowcase not very practical but pretty.

It is also time for November´s Tusal check-in

Here is my ORT´s jar, now overflowing due to lots of threads from my Christmas sewing projects which I can´t as yet show and also lots of threads from the Randje Per Week SAL, which in October I understood had stopped until the new year, only to learn that there has been no pause in their weekly patterns at all and now I´m weeks behind.

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  1. Beautiful - both the crochet and the rose!

  2. Impressively delicate crochet borders and doily. Colour matched with the rose beautifully.

  3. Beautiful and creative photography, Sheryl :)

  4. Your crochet work is so fine and lovely Sheryl! The roses are offset beautifully against this . Loads and loads of orts!

  5. Really beautiful crochet work. I received my beautiful giveaway that I won on Sheryl's blog recently. It is absolutely stunning, the photos don't do it justice, it will certainly be a much treasured piece.

    1. Thank you Linny, so pleased you like the mermaid pouch.

  6. Oh my goodness! Your crocheting is so delicate. That's one thing I never got the hang of - crocheting.

  7. Very lovely pictures, it was so nice to see them. I just love roses ....
    Your crochet works are amazing !!! I love all them , too. You are a very talented lady .

  8. What beautiful crochet. I have never done anything that delicate. What a treasure your pieces must be.

  9. Love your lace crochet, something I've never crocheted as yet, and the rose offsets it well. I still keep my TUSAL jar lol, although I gave up posting about it when I kept missing the dates for it :( I took some of the threads out of one in spring and put them in the garden for the birds to use in their nesting endeavours.....

  10. Oh, Sheryl, what beautiful work you do! So delicate and perfect!!

  11. Your crochet borders are beautiful. I don't think I'd have the patience to make one - not if it was just a few very long rows, if there was a way of making it sideways - lots of short rows - I'd probably be OK!


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