Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Smalls Sal March - Jewellery pouch

I thought I´d make a little pouch to hold a few earrings or such for this month´s project, well it could really hold anything but I made it soft with velvet and with a silk lining, so to hold something delicate or precious.

The lacy embroidered pattern is from the Romantic Sampler by Angie, with a few changes made and a sprinkling of tiny pearl beads added to decorate the front.

I am trying to use up odds and ends of fabric, so I used a small piece of 28ct Brittney cream for this design and the velvet and silk are from my stash - why does it never seem to shrink?  I know this is just a teeny bit of stitching, but it seems as though I have been ` using up my stash´ for years now with no outward sign of it diminishing.

Here is a close up.  The colour is very difficult to photograph, it´s neither green nor blue.

 I added a couple of beads to the ends of the drawstring cording. They really should have been pearls but I didn´t have any that would thread two cords.

I started out making a pink pouch but wasn´t very pleased with my sewing up efforts, so I went on to make the green one which I´m happier with - done with more patience of course.

I wonder what everyone else in this Smalls Sal has stitched? must go and have a look, as each month there are many different designs, and if you are interested, the button on my sidebar will take you to the Stitching Lotus where all the information is.

Happy stitching.



  1. Just beautiful:) Lovely and delicate. I have a never dwindling stash as well.

  2. Everyone knows those small fabric pieces get together and make babies, Sheryl :) You will never eradicate them fully.

    Your projects are both beautiful and practical :) I love that blue-green family of DMC colours, it is so rich-looking and evocative. I find it very challenging to sew velvet, even by hand. I've shaved back the pile at seams in the past, when sewing garments. Don't know if that would be beneficial in such a small item :)

  3. Beautiful stitching.

    Take Care & Happy Stitchin' .... Sandy

  4. Lovely. I should be finishing up (the stitching on) my small so you have more to look at!

  5. Very nice! Both the stitching and the finishing are beautiful.

  6. Oh Sheryl, your two pouches are so beautiful. Great stitching and finishing.

  7. As always, your work is exquisite!

  8. Wow! Gorgeous stitching! I am amazed at your talent. LOL about your stash never diminishing!

  9. WOW! What a beautiful pouch!!! I love the green but I thin the pink is my favorite one of the 2!!! Great job both in stitching and finishing!

  10. Dear Sheryl
    WOW! it's so beautiful!!
    Me encanta es preciosa, muy delicado tu bordado.

    No respondi antes porque mi columna me dolía mucho, no podía estar sentada así que... poquito a poco iré escribiendo

  11. oh how lovely! They are both so elegant and pretty and look like they're from an expensive shop!

  12. Adorable pouches. What a good use of scraps.

  13. You do such lovely work Sheryl.
    Both of these pouches are absolutely beautiful.

  14. Oh Sheryl... this is just so beautiful. It would be perfect for gifting and then to use to store a string of pearls in. come to think of it, I have some velvet in my stash and some necklaces that could use pretty pouches to store them in.... hmmm... another project to add to my list!

    Thanks for linking up to my Stitchery Link Party! Aloha hugs!

  15. Hello Sheryl! What beautiful velvet pouches. Your stitching is really exquisite and the pouches are perfect for pearls! I love pearls! Have a lovely week! :) x

  16. Both pouches are lovely, but I do love the color combinations on the green one. Your work is fabulous. I just love Mill Hill beads. The ones you added are perfect on your pouches.


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