Friday, 10 January 2014

Stuck in 2013

I think I´ve got stuck and can´t get into 2014.  Everyone seems to have new plans, projects and have new designs and patterns on their blogs and I can´t get moving.  I still haven´t found an embroidery SAL with speciality stitches so I am going to start work on A Good Marriage by Lizzie Kate which I have in my stash and will make as a gift for my daughter in law.

Thinking of marriages, I made this  hussif  for my daughter when she got married.  The front shows a photo of the young lady in question, her initial M and a piece of lace which I embroidered with ribbon roses, french knots and beads.

On the inside I made a lace covered  little pocket to hold packets of needles or ribbons and suchlike and a very narrow one to hold a marking pen or crochet hooks.

I added two pieces of felt for pins and needles,  made a pocket for scissors and a beaded pin cushion.

There is another pocket with lace and ribbon roses on the reverse side and more decorative stitching.

I followed Julia´s tutorial for the little crochet Victorian thimble holder which can be found at Julia´s Place.

I hope that over the years this hussif has come in useful.  I will have to ask my daughter or perhaps she will read this and think `good heavens, where did that go? 

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  1. soy una seguidora ,¿me gustaría saber si se vende el costurero donde viene una chica?


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