Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Finishing The Unfinished

In my last post I published a few photos of The Never-Ending quilt blocks which had been abandoned years ago and that just needed a tiny bit of stitching to be finished and I promised to publish them again this week completed.  Well here they are:

I´m just not at all motivated to finish this quilt and had to give myself a good talking to the other evening before I reluctantly picked up my needle and thread.  Luckily at that same moment I received an encouraging comment from a blogger buddy which sparked my dwindling enthusiasm. So to continue with this self imposed method of finishing the unfinished, here are four more uncompleted blocks which I will show finished next week.

These hexies need sewing down or do they?  Would they look better just as they are?

Two more designs by Bronwyn Hayes without the stitched surround.

Look at all these horrible threads everywhere.........

The rest of the blocks are really finished although I might do a bit of embroidery on some of the seams.  Here are a few more finished blocks.

Now I will have to start thinking about the borders, the filling and the backing fabrics

All the bits I least like doing.  Until next week.



  1. That is going to be absolutely gorgeous! Sew glad you decided to finish it and you will be too when you see the finished quilt!

  2. It is really lovely.. You have put so much work into it so keep going.

  3. So pretty, Sheryl! My first impression re: the hexies is NOT to sew them down, because they are so dimensional (but will they be more likely to get damaged?) The lace bits are so lovely, too :)

  4. I love those little embroidered blocks. The embellishment makes it extra special. Can't wait to see your progress next week.

  5. I had no idea about this quilt! how many other treasures to be finish have you got?
    love M.

  6. como se nota , que las cosas , cuando se hacen con amor, y dedicacion se reflejan en los trabajos. pones mucho empeño. y resulta maravilloso ver los trabajos, pues todos tienen su historia. la colcha cuando este terminada va a ser fantastica para estudiar cuadro por cuadro. el libro de musica es unico yo no vi todavia cosa igual. tienes unas manos de oro, no de diamante. espero ansiosa, las nuevas novedades que nos presentes, porque vaya manera de trabajar que tienes sheryl. se te da todo . estoy muy impresionada, sigue asi. deleitandonos pues tienes mucho trabajo por ahi que aun no hemos visto. un saludo

  7. Gorgeous embroidery blocks.. Will make a lovely quilt. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad you found some enthusiasm for the finishing.
    It's just so pretty with the applique, beads and lace.

  9. This is wonderful!!! I love the hexi's ... what a lovely touch!!! Adding to my 'to do' list... I have a couple of unfinished projects where I would love to add some of the details you have on this project!


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