Saturday, 22 October 2016

A Bag

Hello Blogger friends and visitors,

I have done a lot of stitching  this week but  have little to show as most of the work is for gifts but I can show this little bag I made.

I just happened to pass our local needlework shop and of course had to pop in and say hello and that was when I spied this lovely fabric and knew exactly what I wanted to make with it.

I had problems taking the photos as we had dull dark weather during the week, the above photo shows the more exact colours and the below photos rather too pale.

Elena´s tutorial for a manicure bag can be found here and although I doubt that I shall use the bag as such, it will certainly come in handy for something or other as there is plenty of room to hold a lot of things. A large pocket with a zip at one end.

and three smaller pockets at the other end.

apart from the lined drawstring bag.

which I had to make smaller as I didn´t have enough fabric.  I don´t think it looks too bad.

A Lovely Gift

I had a surprise arrive in the post this week.  During the Pincushion Parade celebrated recently, Rosey at Ishkabibble mentioned that she hadn´t got any pincushions at all and as we certainly can´t have that, I sent her one of mine and look at this pretty book mark that she sent me in return.

Isn´t it pretty?  Isn´t she clever? Thank you very much Rosey, I enjoy reading and it will be very useful.

See you next week when the Smalls SAL check-in is due.... doesn´t the time just flash by?

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Smalls SAL check-in September

Hi everyone, sorry about the delay in updating, I´ve sprained a wrist which has made typing, blogging and nearly everything else a bit difficult..  It is check-in day for the Smalls SAL hosted by Heather at the Stitching Lotus and I can show this little pattern finished recently but not yet made into a biscornu.

While DH was away for a week, I was going to sew up a storm, completing UFOs, catching up on taking photos and blogging in general but on the first morning of my -do-as-you-please- days, I sprained my wrist making the bed of all things and so my sewing plans went out of the window.

This biscornu pattern is a free one by Erba at CasaERBA  - ( I couldn´t get the link to work)

Before down to the use of just one hand, I had been making very good progress with my granddaughter´s crochet blanket squares.

I started making blue knitted squares months ago but we then decided on purple and pink crochet cotton ones and I needed to make about one hundred.  They are nearly finished now and I am doing the blocking.


I have been trying to organize my fabric stash and have these horrible scraps which I am going to put  together in a big envelope and send to anyone who might be in the need of horrible scraps, just let me know if you would like them..,,. they are mainly 90cm x 15cm.

This is all for the moment, see you next week.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Just Red

Hi everyone,
  August was a busy month with journeys and family visits, so I´m a bit behind with my blogging and blog visits.  However I´m really pleased to take part once again in The Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade hosted by Ida at My Sister Made Me do it.

I don´t have many pincushions but I made this one last week with Ida´s parade in mind.

It is a free design called May Flowers Pin Cushion and can be found here.  I made the pattern a bit larger because I didn´t have the 18ct fabric called for and used a piece of 28ct from my stash.

My Mr Hexie Hedgehog is used more as a paperweight than a pincushion as he is quite heavy but I like his bright colours.

Next is this little cushion which started out as a crazy patchwork `work of art´ but it fell by the wayside and ended up in the UFO drawer only now to see the light of day.

and my favourite at the moment is my strawberry pincushion.

I´ve seen loads of these on the Internet and had to make one, They are quick and easy and  make   useful gifts

If you would like to see some really lovely work or show your own pincushions, do visit Ida for the details and link up before the 15th September. 
 Until next week.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Tablecloth

Hi everyone,
Last week I packed a bag full of my sewing paraphernalia just in case I found time to do some stitching while away for a few days at my late mum-in-law´s house but although nothing got to see the light of day, I did unearth a forgotten tablecloth I made about 20 years ago.

My mum-in-law would treasure anything made for her and when I extended the rectangular cloth unflatteringly over a round table to take these photos, I realized that it had probably never even been used.

With this tablecloth I started my adventures with Hardanger embroidery ....... nothing like starting out with something small ..... but it was a simple repetitive design and for some reason I didn´t embroider the outer border pattern.

The design was from my needlework collection called Agujas de Oro (Golden Needles) which I have referred to continually over the years.

Now back home I hope to catch up on my blog visits to see what you are all up to and get some stitching done before my visitors arrive next week.  Happy stitching.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Smalls SAL - July

Hello everyone,

Another little hardanger design for this month´s Smalls SAL hosted by Heather at Stitching Lotus.  Each month I embroider a small pattern by Mabel Figworthy and hopefully make it into something useful.

This pattern had some different interesting stitches, mainly eyelash stitch, in the centre of the design, four ribbed spider´s webs and Y-bars each of which I need more practice with.

I have quite a few metal bag clasps knocking about from years back and so made a little pouch and added a scrap of lace and beads to match the thread and lining fabric.

This is now added to the other embroidered gifts I have ready, maybe for Christmas, wish I could get some of my UFOs finished too..... but we will think about that later....

There is a button on my sidebar which takes you to Stitching Lotus in case you are interested in joining us each month with a small stitched piece and also a button to the Round in Circles SAL hosted by Mabel Figworthy.    Thank you for visiting.

Monday, 18 July 2016

A Sampler

Hello everyone,

A bit late with this post, the heat is making me and my needle melt, over 30º C today and I have done very little needlework to show this week.

I thought I might take a few photos of a Sampler of Stitches by The Drawn Thread finished in 2010.

This is the only alphabet sampler I have ever done, using 28ct antique white fabric and DMC threads.

A gorgeous design and I really enjoyed the lots of interesting and different pretty stitches, although I think I found a couple rather complicated at the time and substituted them for other easier ones.

The finished embroidery was originally made into a cover for my computer screen but then my son bought me a new larger screen and I just framed the sampler.

Must show you a pretty new thimble for my collection, kindly bought for me from Kioto, Japan.

Thank you for passing by, see you next week.

linking to Supermom no cape Stitchery party.

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